April 22, 2013

I Won't Give Up

by Rodosvaldo C. Pozo


I Won't Give Up
By R. Pozo


I'll never give up for Puisuina you true love baby girl - never never never - and this is the real truth, and I won't ever lie to you girl!

But when I call, your lovely name, you do not respond girl and you have really really really broken my heart - and I'm wondering (IF) you're afraid of my true love for you darling or that you don't wanna follow your infallible heart?

I would never do you any harm baby (NEVER) neither I going to tell anybody anything (because) what's happening betwixt you and I sweetheart, only God can be able to explain!

I really really really love you girl, with all my heart, I really really really love you baby with all my soul. You don't have to say yes or n for now darling... but I will never give up pursuing your true love! Because you're amazing and out of this world Pulchritude, you're sacrosanct... and you're lovely and beautiful and eyes, are and always will be, the miracle healing and the true panacea of my soul!

1.4.3, 1.4.3

Because perfect love has no fear!


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