Dec. 15, 2010

Empire Odyssey: The Ravion Conflict

by Vernard Davis


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Died today on her way to a fashion show
In the middle of Paris,
She was impaled by her shoulder pads
and fell 20 feet from her designers heels.
She landed on broken ankles
a courageous death,
all in the name of fashion.

What's up out there world? To be honest, I'm new to this blog world so I don't know what the hell I'm doing k. I've never even, physically laid my eyes on a blog. I've been under lock & key for a minute. [since the age of 15, I'm now 27. Want to know my entire story, check it out at the end of this post.
Right now, enjoy the first few chapters of my fantasy novella "Emprise Odyssey: The Ravion Conflict" And read the end of my post to learn more about me. Would love to hear your comments as well as what you would like to read from me.

[hand drawn map with labels-]
Fog Pog
Ant's Place of Worship
Sealand Ocean
Mt. Muck
Desert Antzillo X
Dead Man's Ocean
Evergreen Forest
Field of Rainbows
Trolls Village
Lox Forest
Sealand Ocean
Thin storm
Dead Man's Beach
Border Nile River
MT Dragon
Dragon Keep
Black Pond
Lake of Mot
Dangerwood Forest
Shadows Home
Buzzards Desert
Doom MT's

Emprise Odyssey: The Ravion Conflict


Emprise Odyssey: The Ravion Conflict

"If the rain is terrible, how much worser those it falls upon? And from where does the rain come? From that who is most righteous. So let the rain be blessed and hope with heart it blesses those it falls upon.
Up yonder high in the sky, is where there's a land of ravens called 'Ravion'. No average man of two feet or with six or eight, has ever entered that land. The mountain tower of Dragcon where the evil Dragon Master "Mot" has dwelled for two centuries is a very evil place and we, the elves of the Evergreen forest should know this. So it is upon me to believe up until now, no one from Dragcon has entered Ravion. For it Mot way's to hate the rain which spoils his evil works. And now my people, I think Mot has somehow succeeded in stopping the rain. For the ground has no morning mist. If it wasn't for our magic crystalys of nature, we wouldn't be able to feed the evergreen, and if you are wondering, yes the legends of old are true. Ravion does exist and its they who control the rain."


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