Aug. 3, 2011

Sharing My Thoughts And Dreams

by Gwendolyn Jones (author's profile)



My name is Gwendolyn Jones. I'd like to share my thoughts and dreams with you with hopes you understand with a clear and understanding form of mind.

I've made some bad choices in my life which led me to become incarcerated. I am lonely for my family and friends and I especially miss my dogs, Spencer and Beatley. Time is passing me by and I am not getting any younger. I only wish that I can be free to do the things I choose to do without hearing some paid babysitter telling me what and when to do something, whether I like it or not. I put my trust into a higher power to see me through this madness. If I would have only listened to somebody...

I've turned this bad situation into a good situation because I've learned my lesson and it has not come too late. This is not where I choose to spend the rest of my life nor would I ever wish this one anyone else. It says in the good book everybody has a season, and I truly believe this is my season for my life changing repentance. I welcome it with an open mind.

I now have dreams, hope, desires, and ideas for a great future. My vision is to open my own business. I know it will prosper. It's my vision. I won't allow anyone to take my hopes, dreams, ideas, or desires away from me like they've taken my physical body and licked it away, but my mind is still free to roam. This would owe me nothing and I am paying my debt to society because, once this is over, I will become a productive person in society. All I need is a second chance. I learned the secret: the law of attraction. Therefore, with all positive thoughts, I will attract all positive things to me.

I would love to hear from international people and learn different cultures across the globe. I am open to suggestions for opening a small business, how to get grants or loans, and will I be eligible (being a felon) to get any type of assistance for becoming a small business owner.



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sueellenallen Posted 8 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Having dreams inside is very important but to make dreams come true, you must set measurable goals. Focus on how to achieve them and then keep a list of the goals and what you are achieving.

Having your own business is an excellent plan. Here are some suggested goals:
Goal #1. While you are inside, work on your grammar, spelling, and writing. Banks and investors won't be interested if you cannot communicated effectively.
Goal #2. Decide on what your business will be. Will you provide a service, sell a product, start a restaurant? Write down everything you visualize to the tiniest detail.
Goal #3. Try to find a book on writing a business plan or ask someone to send you one like Business Plans for Dummies. The "Dummy" series is a great "how to" series and you will learn a lot.
Goal #4. Improve your math skills so you will be able to manage your money properly.
This is just the start. Four goals. If you are truly serious, you will tackle these with great determination. Don't just dream. Do something constructive.
I speak from experience. I served 7 years in prison, survived advanced breast cancer and watched helplessly while my roommate died of untreated leukemia. I got out 3 years ago, wrote a book and started a program to bring education back inside the wires. None of this was easy but it is possible. Never give up your dreams. Just do all you can to learn and grow while you are inside. It is the perfect opportunity. Remember Malcolm X copied the entire dictionary while he was in prison so he could improve his vocabulary. You can succeed but it is hard work. How serious are you?


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