Sept. 25, 2013

In the Land Where My Forefathers Lay Burried

From Maza-Otipi Oyate by Robert A. Horse (author's profile)



In the land where my forefathers lay buried, now has the highest incarceration rate of Indigenous peoples in the United States. I am only one story of this disturbing fact, one story amongst many, and one voice locked in the system for the most critical years of my life. Although, I been imprisoned since I was a youth, and I know little of life beyond my prison cell, I still try to imagine a better tomorrow!

I've utilized my time here, and used books and stories from some compassionate people I met as a great escape from my cold reality. Each day is a struggle to try and make sense of this world behind these four walls, but the teachings of my ancestors have given me strength to follow in their foot-steps. I come to the most vital decision of my life, and I decided to help my people and all people who struggle! Please listen to my plea:

I am seeking an advocate, a supporter, and friend to help me bring awareness to the plight of the Indigenous Peoples imprisoned. The person I hope has a heart that's heavy with love for all people, believes in the humanity for all! I've learned throughout these years that many can commit, but few have the ability to fulfill the spiritual contract for true change.

I would like to share a sacred word in my Lakota language that expresses so much, and jumps over all the stigmatizing, labeling, and connects us to our original centers, "Mitakuye Oyasin". (We are all related). I hope you can breathe life into my cause, and help me bring awareness to this struggle.

How can you help? With social-media being at its peak, I want to build networks, create a website, use truth gatherings to educate people, and develop a long term plan for an organizing strategy.

I know with the right person behind me, I know things can change for the positive for Indigenous prisoners. Our plight and struggle can be a ugly thing of the past. Education, religious freedom, and human dignity can be common as the morning sun.

In the land where my forefathers lay buried, I hold faith happiness and equality can become a reality. Although, Native history is dark, and the suffering was great, we are still part of this ever changing world!

Let us together dedicate ourselves to this project of caring and concern. One world, one voice!

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Robert A. Horse
Oglala Lakota (Sioux)


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Rita Posted 7 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
hi Robert,

I see that you haven't received mail sofar.To me when I read some names on the long list of inmates, this is a sign to contact you as a human, just like I am.
We all need contacts and so I am willing to listen to you and we can share ideas. Sounds good?
I see you are in prison as a youth... it must be truly very hard...

You uttereed nice values and I might not exactly be the person you search for,but at least we can write about our lifes happenings and experiences we had happened to us.

Let me present myself first.I am a woman from Belgium, and still feel young inside although I am 67.I have a lot of energy and do many activities.I lived in the States fro 7 yrs: 3 in Utah and 4 in Ohio.
I am divorced,but my ex and me are still befriended.We have two daughters,35 and 36 yrs old. Our youngest daughter was born in Utah, and the oldest was a baby when we first came to America. Later on both girls attended school in Ohio.

My ex and myself lived almost 6 yrs in Argentina.

Well,Rrobert, the next time I will write more.

I'd like to wish you a new year plenty of inspiration, friendship, a lot of warmth and inner peace.

greetings from Rita

Robert A. Horse Posted 7 years ago.   Favorite
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