Sept. 30, 2013

Needs to Analyze Situation Carefully

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


Needs to Analyze Situations Carefully

September 06, 2013
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To my viewers:

We have to start analyzing situations better than we are in our society in America.

There are so many men getting cased up with these young girls for rape. Is it really rape or their trying to cover
their buttocks before the parents find out. We are not doing proper investigation anymore. I am not talking about
cases where there was horrific crime scene or aggravated circumstance involved. I am talking about young teenage girls
who set out to have sex with male teachers and seniors in school. I been there when I was 13 years old.
I wanted to experience sex and wanted a man who would give me money. So I lost my virginity to a 37 year old man.
I did I hallow [?] rape. When my mom find out, no. I faced my responsibility of my action. Did I feel guilty and shame, yes. It was
not all the guy fault because I engage willfully. I feel if society would start enforcing the law perjury and lying some of these rape
charges would stop. A lot of these teenager girls and boys hallow [?] this because their parents have gotten involved or they didn't
get what they wanted out of the deal. It's the same thing with the grown women today. Some know they out prostituting with cops etc.
But when that person of interest don't do what the want. They blow the whistle saying the cop, judge

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or whomever raped them. While all this publicity is going on in the case, these women are rejoicing that what
you get for not doing what I wanted you to do.
In the case of teacher Stacey Rambold. I believe Chenice Moralez seduce him into her trap. Next thing I think
happened is Chenice Moralez couldn't deal with the fact that she lied to this man. Now she would have to face him
in court. Guess what in the truth would come out. I can't live with this guilt and shame. If I die I won't have to
deal with this. Nobody will ever know what I did. Personally I don't believe that people should pass judgment on any
situation unless you have encounter similar situation in life. I can pass judgement because I been there. Why is
everybody is mad at the judge. To me he was making sense. I believe he analysed the whole circumstance. Society want to say
poor old Chenice Moralez. But the truth of the matter is that this individual knew what she was doing. She thought she could get away with it.


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mslock Posted 8¬†years, 9¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 8¬†years, 8¬†months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

I find your views very interesting. Rape is certainly very difficult to prosecute because often times it is a case of he said/she said.

With regards to minors having sex with adults and the adults being prosecuted, I think it is worth noting that although a minor may feel that he/she wanted to engage in sex voluntarily and therefore not coerced or "raped" in the traditional sense, the minor does not really have the mental capacity to make such big decisions (even if they believe they do). It is why I believe there is an age of consent.

God Bless and hope to see more of your letters!


JT Posted 8¬†years, 9¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 8¬†years, 8¬†months ago   Favorite
I understand where you are coming from, in terms of your ability to make decisions as a teen regarding sex.

But the thing is, if a 14 year old came up to you - now - would you be interested in protecting his welfare? As adults, we all have that obligation.

I've been following the comments of someone who is incarcerated for such a crime, and he uses all kinds of pseudo-intelligent essays to justify his behavior. It's shocking.

But the truth is, he was trolling for a child and found one.

As an adult, I would never put a child or a teen in harms way. Even if they pursued me.

And having a relationship with someone that young is putting them in harms way. They need to discover, explore and learn about the joys of a relationship with someone who is a peer.

I am not their peer. I am older and can use my knowledge (and power - financial, social, experience - all kinds of power) to manipulate them. That's just the truth.

For what it's worth, I wish he had turned you down. That's what a man should do when approached by a teen.

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