Oct. 25, 2013
by Kurt De Mello


Sept. 22, 2013!!

Between the Bars
(P.O. Box 425103)
Cambridge, MA (02142)

Mr. Kurt de Mello (W-60337)
Old Colony Correctional Center
One Administration Road
Bridgewater, Mass. (02324-3230)

Dear Mr. Sugar,

I am writing you because I have not heard anything at all from you, in quite a long while, in response to my "My New Blog!!!" New!!! Blog!!!! Jukebox Memories. Remember me now??? Kurt de Mello!!! Over:

Jukebox Memories

Do you remember me now???

The last I had heard from you:

Mr. Sugar!!!

Was that you were going to locate for me an accurate photo, from the: Internet!!! of a: 1950s era!!! (1952-1957) 1952-1955 Seeburg!!! or Wurlitzer!!! jukebox ("floor model") 1952-1957 1952-1957.

Then you were going to mail me the photo so I could use it, for the ("TITLE") of my new!!! blog!!!!!

I have not received that: photo??? photo???


Sept. 23, 2013!!

Between the Bars
(P.O. Box 425103)
Cambridge, MA (02142)

Mr. Kurt de Mello
Old Colony Correctional Center
One Administration Road
Bridgewater, Mass. (02324-3230)

(To be cont.!)

I have still not received that photo you were going to send me by mail, as of this time: (9-23-2013!!) so therefore it leaves me with many, many questions.

1! Is my new!!! blog!!! running yet???

2!! Why haven't I received any copy of it yet by mail???


3. What happened to my photo of: A 1950's era JUKEBOX!!!??? that you were supposed to send me by mail???

4. Were you able (to locate) to locate yet, through the (Internet!!!???) (web-sites!!!???) (the photo???) of a: 1950's (1952-1957) (era!!!) (floor model!!!) 1952-1957 Seeburg!!! (or:) Wurlitzer!!! JUKEBOX?????

5. Why haven't I received, by mail, from you, a copy of my: new!!! blog?????!!!!! ?????


Dear Mr. Sugar,

I was very sincerely wishing and hoping to have my: new!!! BLOG!!!!! running by my BIRTHDAY!!! (9-23-1950) today!!! Sept. 23, 2013!! 1950

Jukebox Memories (Is my) blog!!! running today??? (9-23-2013)

The enclosed pages:

A. Recording artists!!! Alphabetically!!!
B. Others!!!

To be added to my blog right directly below
Right directly below: (Blog!!!) (Title!!!)

1950's 1952-1957
1950's era!!!
Floor model!!!

Blog!!! Contents!!!

Directly placed below: the word!!!


Thank you, sir!!!

Sincerely!!! (and:) Respectfully!!!


Kurt De Mello


A: discography is;

A descriptive catalog of musical recordings, particularly a performer, or recording artist, or composer (all!!!) of a performer's, or composer's, or recording artist's, recordings, considered as a body of their work. The study of musical recordings and compilation of descriptive catalogs. The absolute total number of: 45 R.P.M. (singles) & 33 1/3 R.P.M. albums that were released during the course of a recording artist's (or:) recording group's complete!!! entire!!! recording
careers!!! Excluding none!!!

I can't draw!!! Sorry!!!

Jukebox!!! Memories!!!

(My new:) blog!!!

I need to obtain printouts (sheets) of the following: information???

100% true, accurate, chronological recording artists' discographies!!!

1. "The Hollies" 1963-1966

2. "The Searchers" 1963-1966

3. "The Swinging Blue Jeans" 1964-1966

4. "Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas" 1963-1966

5. "The Dave Clark 5!" 1964-1966

6. "Gary Lewis and the Playboys" 1965-1966

7. "Gerry and the Pacemakers" 1963-1966

8. "The Gestures" 1964-1966

9. "The Zombies" 1964-1966

10. "The Who?" 1965-1966

11. "The Rolling Stones" 1963-1966

12. "The Music Explosion" 1966-1968

13. "The Orphans!" 1967

14. "The Balloon Farm" 1968

Parlophone Records
(record label)
(London, England)

1961-1965 "The Beatles!" (1961-1965) (#) No. of singles? released 1961-1965

Chronological singles (45 R.P.M.'s) discography "record"

A. Song titles
B. B-sides:
C. Record label #s
D. Year of release

1963-1965 "The Hollies!"

Parlophone Records label (Great Britain only!!!

Imperial Records label (U.S.A.)
#66002 - #66187

Liberty Bell Records label (U.S.A.)
#55620 - #55850


"I'm Alive!"
(B-side:) "You Know He Did"
Imperial Records
#66119 1965

1964 "Ain't That Just Like Me?"

A. Recording artists!!! (Alphabetically!)

"The Beacon Street Union!" "MGM Records label"
"South End Incident!" (flip-side:) "Speed Kills!"
#13865 1967

"The Gestures!" Soma Records label
"Run, Run, Run!" (flip-side:) "It Seems to Me"
#1417 1964

"Prentice Moreland!" Challenge Records label
"Teacher Drives Me Crazy!" #592(??) 196(?)
"Holy Mackerel!"

"The Orphans" Epic Records label

"There's No Flowers in My Garden!"
Spoken word
#101(??) 1967

"Orpheus!" MGM Records label
"Can't Find the Time!" (flip-side:) "Lesley's Girl"
#13882 1967

"Carole Quinn!" MGM Records label
"What's So Sweet, About Sweet Sixteen?"
#132(??) 196?

"Sadina!" Smash Records label
"I Want That Boy!" (flip-side:) "Who Am I Kidding?"
#18(??) 196(?)

"The Uncalled For!" Laurie Records label
"Do Like Me!"
1967 #33(??)
"Do Like Me!"

I need to obtain the following????


A computer printout of: a 100% accurate, completed!!!, chronological!!! discography!!!, (all!!!) the -> 45 R.P.M. (singles!) & 33 1/3 R.P.M. long playing albums!!! the: following: recording artists!!! ever released!!! during: (their entire!!!!!) recording careers???!!!

Completed!!! Chronological!!! Discography!!!!!

Recording artists!!! (as:) follows:

A. Prentice Moreland!
Challenge Records label

B. The Orphans! 1967
Epic Records label

C. Orpheus! 1967
MGM Records label

D. 1963 (?) Carole Quinn!
MGM Records

A. 1967 The Beacon Street Union!
MGM Records label

B. 1964 The Gestures!
Soma Records label

C. 1967 The Uncalled For!
Laurie Records label


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