Nov. 23, 2013
by Larry Rush (author's profile)


In all human affairs there are efforts and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result. Chance is not. "Gift", power, material; intellectual, and spiritual possessions are the fruits of effort; they are thoughts completed, objects accomplished, visions realized.


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The Year Of 2013

To All Ladies
In The United States of America

Dear Ladies,

First, please allow me to express a salutation of good health and well-being, for a discourse into any subject without the expression of caring and sharing has no profound basis. So I honestly hope and pray that this letter will find you, family, friends and colleagues in the very best of health and utmost of inner wealth.

Well, as for myself, tomorrow is not known to me, but today I live, and I give thanks to God for the breath of life, the ability to function, and the opportunity to present to you this letter.

Secondly, I ask that you allow me a moment to tell you a bit about myself, and, much more, my reason for submitting this letter to all WOMEN READERS in the U.S.A. who might read it.

My name is Larry "The Litigator Specialist" Rush, and I'm a 53-year-old African/Native American fighting-to-prove-my-innocence PRISONER. An individualist, critical, analytical, organic-intellectual. A writer, poet, artist, philosopher, thinker, visionary, avid chess-player, and prisoner litigator, whom possessed a self-taught critical acumen, which I employ in the struggle for the freedom of both myself and others whom have been unjustly wronged by the system.

Thus, you will find that my ultimate reason for submitting this open letter to all WOMEN is in hope that the right WOMAN will allow herself to become instrumental in my search to find the right WOMAN (between 19 and 52 - although I would consider a woman about older) to FIRST help me maintain my Pennsylvania Capital Case Prisoners Support and Legal Defense Fund 9 Million Dollars Web-Page), - ( - and, subsequently, (within six (6) months to a year) to become co-owner and CEO of the biggest - bigger than Google, Bing, Facebook and Yahoo - web-site in the world.

Ladies, the average prisoner has no place for words such as love, compassion, loyalty, empathy, sacrifice or commitment; according to their definition and vocabulary, these are dirty words. Networking or pooling resources together for common good are met with suspicion and distrust. So, although I worked alone in putting the 9 million dollars capital case support, its purpose is to help each and every capital case prisoner in the State of Pennsylvania.

As a man who do not allow a day to pass by without having a conceptual discussion with knowledge, wisdom and understanding, I am often coming up with all sort of ideals/ideas pertaining to life. And, unlike most prisoners who spend all of their time listening to their noise maker (radio), or watching their one-eye monster (TV), I spend most of my time reading, writing, and thinking, and because of such, I have come up with a concept for a magazine, in which I have decided to call Diamond In The Rough. Thereafter, I was reading the Wall Street Journal, and I came across an article that stated that Google is worth 200 billion dollars, and Facebook is worth 150 billion dollars. I asked myself, 'What web-site can you create that will be as big or even bigger than Google and Facebook', and Ladies, it hit me like a ton of bricks - The concept of my web-site may not be use as much as Google (over 8.3 billion hits a day), or have as many subscribers as Facebook (over 1 billion - since Orange has offered Facebook to African), but it will touch and change the lives of millions all over the world, and most certainly will surpass Google and Facebook financially within five years. In other words, Ladies, my mind has created a web-site that will be valuated at 380 billion dollars within five years. I just need the right internet savvy WOMAN to help me launch it.

Now Ladies, there is no doubt that this sort of letter coming from a prisoner causes you to rise an eyebrow and put up two red flags, but please UNDERSTAND!: at no time will I ask you to use your own money in nothing that you may do concerning my web-page and OUR web-site, - NEVER! EVER! - nor will I ever ask you to do anything that is against the law. And, if there ever come a time where you do not agree with something that I may want you to do concerning my web-page and OUR web-site, and it gets to the point where we have a great big conflict and is unable to resolve it like adults, then all you have to do (AFTER WE SPLIT EVERYTHING EQUALLY) is cut me off, and you can simply do so by saying that you do not desire to hear from me anymore, and we both can keep it moving in whatever direction that we are going.

Will you help me, Ladies?! I promise you that your efforts will not be in vain, for you will come to know that my ideas are from "thoughts completed, objects accomplished, [and] visions realized." I promise to make you a millionaire in one (1) year, and a billionaire within five (5) years.

If I hear from you, I will convey to you my ideals/ideas, my concepts, the primordial overall function that makes me who I am. If I don't hear from you, remember: don't be the jug and the cold water that pour upon yourself - smell the flowers, take in some sun, dance with the wind, and live - LIFE!


Larry Rush
State Prisoner

P.S. If you are the right woman and decide to write to me, PLEASE let me know how this letter was made known to you - VERY IMPORTANT!


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