Dec. 17, 2010
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Dec. 17th, 2010

Dear blog site,

Hey! What's going on, viewers? I'm alright, given my circumstances. My right hand (Cheese) is in the hole under investigation, I have the admin breathing down my neck, and then I'm trying to keep my composure dealing with some of these inmates.

I'm an optimistic person. Somewhere, through all that BS I just explained, here I stand STRONG. I understand where I am. I have no control over anything in here, except my perception of every situation. This place is mental growth, definitely rehabilitation for your mind. The joint will definitely build character that you won't receive in the "outside world". Strength, integrity, and loyalty are just a few characteristics that are defined and sharpened every day. To a select few, your business ventures become commendable.

Is the joint a college of criminals? Of course. Or is it just time given to find one's self? 23 hour lockdown/solitude is more than enough time to "find yourself." Rehabilitation begins with honesty. If you can't be honest with yourself, how can we change? Not possible.

I cam in as an addict. I was selling drugs to basically support my habit and pay a little bit of bills. I was young and immature. I didn't know what I wanted out of life but instant pleasure. I'm thankful for the life I've lived and I wouldn't change anything. I've made some mistakes. True indeed. Here's my consequence... the opportunity to become one of the most successful-minded ex-cons to step out of Ohio's penitentiary system. All I want is success. My ambitions couldn't be stopped by a mountain; I'll move it.

My ability to lead and network with others and, of course my ambitions, I won't fail. Failure is not an option out there in society. It might take a while, but I can guarantee I'll have my own business within 5 years of my release. Drug addict to future business owner. I can say that's a start to a rehabilitated thought-process. I climb ladders. Goal after goal, hustle after hustle (legit), stack and stack, invest and invest, profit and profit, until I feel comfortable with my success. I substituted drugs for money. If that's what it takes for me to change, well, I'm focused on one thing then.

The "outside world" looks to me as a challenge. I love challenges. Dedication and inspiration will overcome any barricade in my way in due time. I adjust well to my environment. I like to sit back and observe everything and everyone. Any type of movement or actions that I decide upon are well-analyzed and strategized. I'm what you would call a "thinker". ;) That's what the "outside world" looks to me, in that aspect.

In another aspect of society: freedom, family, friends, lust, love, and more success. It's going to feel good to throw on your clothes of your choice, not having to put your towel out the door for a shower, phone calls aren't $5 a piece, and these C/Os commenting on everything your do... Damn! I'm almost there! I hope I get granted this judicial in Jan.! x( I'm ready to go! If not, try and try again. I've got 24 months left... and counting!

Well, NB, those are some intriguing questions. And I do appreciate you asking them because you opened a little bit of observance that I missed out on or hid it. Sometimes I try to hide my past, from shame of it. But inside, it lights a fire that burns so strong because I never want to be in those predicaments again.

I hope I curved a little of your curiosity. If I may, I'd like to ask you a question. How does the outside world (you) look at us (me), given the insight you've been given? Do you see any flaws in my thought process (in your opinion)? Some think I over exaggerate my ambitions until I start climbing those ladders I told you about. Could you ever imagine yourself being locked up for 7 years? I hope not. I wish nothing but well for all of you.

I'd like to wish all of you who are reading this a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Throw some Jim Beam in some egg-nog and toast one for me! I'd appreciate it! :) I'll toast one for you guys! Happy holidays!

Take care,
Johnny AKA $lugger

P.S. It's 2011 already! Wow! Thank you for your well-wishes for Thanksgiving. It was "normal". ;) → x( Jets or Giants?


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