June 24, 2011
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Back in action, huh? Well, shit, here I am! ;)

I'm doin' alright, given my circumstances. Haven't sent a blog in almost 6-7 months. Guess it's time to enlighten the viewers of my current situation. I'm in level 4B now. Complete lockdown. Yeah, I almost made it to a level 3 camp, but I ended up getting poss tested a month after they pissed me the first trip! I was waiting to ride out, and they surprised the shit out of me. No b-day cake though! They caught me throwin' water in it, red-handed! Guess that dirt-cheap weed wasn't worth it after all, huh? Sure did help give me a peace of mind, the "escape" from my current circumstances that will "make or break" one's mentality in here. Don't get me wrong, I'm no dope fiend. Only thing I'm dedicated to is the hustle.

So, anyways, I have 3 more months to do in 4B so I can get to the compound (4A: a little bit more freedom/movement). I officially have 18 months left! Sheesh! ;) Thought I'd never walk this 7 years down. Nice lil' bit, huh? Strong individual wit and a strong mind. Shit's nothing.

I remember bein' in the county goin' to trial for my case, 19 years old. A MF in the county tried to tell me to watch out for them fags 'cause they're gonna get at me. I remember watchin' all those penitentiary movies 'bout all them rapes. I told myself they'll have to kill me 'cause I'm comin' to kill som'n! ;)

I say that to say this: prison is cracked up to be somethin' it's not anymore. I was 19 years old, pretty lil' white boy. But damn was I wild, punchin' on everything! ;) Ha! Guess I had a chip on my shoulder, couldn't brush it off. Yeah, that just popped in my head, and I thought it was funny how my mentality has changed. Prison accepts fags nowadays like it's cool to suck and fuck another man. Oh, well, do what you do. Just don't bring that shit my way. Feel me? Stay the fuck out of my lane and I'll be out of yours. That goes for everybody though.

My dawg "Cheese" got transferred to OSP up north. MF is lovin' it! ;) I miss his hoe-ass. He was my right hand. You'll see if you get on NationalGeographic.com → All episodes → Hard Times → Worst of Worst. He's got a couple of years left. We been stayin' in touch. Not too often you meet a dude like him. Then the administration put us in the same block! $) That was a recipe for disaster. We call it victory though! Well, we fell in the end though.

My mind's racin' 100 mph tryin' to drop some energy y'all's way. I got half the block callin' my name, a few letters to write. I'm out! Hope I hear from an admirer. Till then, I'll be in here, focu$ed on the future.

Respectfully to my fans,
$lugger 100%

P.S. If my one "Lil' Buddy" is readin' this, how have you been?


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kayla77d Posted 11 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Hello John =]
My name is Kayla.. Ur deff attractive aintchya? lol. Im sure you kno that though.. Anywho, keep ur head up. Sounds like you almost outta there! Thats pretty sweet. Dont back when u get out, im sure it wont be worth it. Im not even sure if you'll be gettin this message from me, but im hopeing you do. Dont hesitate to ask more about me, id love to kno a lil more about u.

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