Feb. 17, 2014

To My People

From A Black Child's Journey Thru Prison by Trevin Gamble (author's profile)


To my people, 2-3-14
What's good!!! I hope and pray that everybody got a chance to read my last post. I'm trying to erverytime I write, I'm gonna drop some food for thought, because I truly know that the thought is the cause of it all.
Moving right along, January has been a crazy month as far as the weather is concern, and I hear that February is gonna be just as crazy.
Just this morning I was telling somebody in the chow line, that for the first time in these twenty something years that I have been locked-up, it's really getting hard on a brother. i guess I'm tired. Here is one reason the state of Missouri has decided to start charging us taxes on things that we buy from the canteen. So the housing unit I'm in we usually get to the store on monday but because Central Offices want to come in and make surethat everybody is cool with jerking us around. My position is what they doing us wrong, so I chose not to spend in canteen this week. I feel like had I spent then I would be sending a sign to the poeple at Central Offices that I'm cool with them dogging me out.
I'm the types of person that if I'm being treated wrong I have to stand up for myself. I just wish that it was more stand-up guys like myself, dudes in prison are soft now. I really walk through this prison, life wth my head-up, because u Been tha a whole lot ans I still have my integrity very much intact. And it will continual to be that way until the day I change form. Moving on The Superbowl was yesterday and the team I was riding with came up very short, but that okay, because I feel like Seattle deserve to win just as much. Shout out to "The Seahawks". I thougt the halftime show was on point, the New with the old, great job.
Today, my basketball team has a game, this year again we have the best team in the house, but we still have to goout ans execute our skills. Right now, our record is 5-0, and the name of our team is the "Heat".
Bring this conversation in for alittle personal talk, I haven't seen my mother for like close to a year, so I just received some pictures of her and this woman has not aged a bit, yos look good for your age mama.
My lil sister justhad a little boy, he was born premature but he home now and doing well. Yeah, ma son lil Trevin is now in a recovery center, thanks to my wife, Laura. He's doing good, trying to get his legs together, you know Het got shot like five years ago, and he didn't get oxygen to he's brain for like ten minutes, so after he came out of he's comma, he had to learn everything over and he's ability to walk is the last thing to come back. He will be back on his feet soon. Shout's out to Lil Trevin.
The last time I posted a message, I let everybody know that I have found the love of my life, it's around the time of year, were Valentine Day is right around the corner, and it's crazy because I really want to do something special for her. it's hard on a brotha, trying to make something happen from inside here, so I'm gonna have to get creative. See that's one of the reason why I said its getting hard on a brotha. Fella's don't forget to do something for your woman, for Valentine's Day, to be real with you guys it don't have to be your woman, if you know a woman that deserve to have something special on Valentine's Day make that happen. One thing Laura know about me, is I love her, and in our relationship everyday is Valentine's Day. Well, my people, it time for me to bring the thing to a close, but as always it wouldn't be right if I didn't leave you all with some food for your spiritual growth.

You create heaven and hell here
If you want to live in this world peacefully and happily allow others also to live peacefully and happily, so tht you can make this life something which is worthy of the worls you live. Unless and until you adjust yourself to live according to these noble principles you cannot expect happiness and peace in this world. You cannot expect this happiness and peace from heaven simply by praying. If you act according to moral principles you can create your own heaven right here in this world. If not, you also can see the hell-fire on this earth itself.
Not knowing how to live according to this natural and cosmic law, we always grumble when troubles confront us. If each man tries to adjust himself without grumbling and criticizing others we can enjoy real heavenly bless better than the one that some people dream of existing in the far beyond. There is no need to create a heaven elsewhere to reward virtue, or a hell to punish vice; virtue and evil have inevitable reactions in this world itself. This is the highest way that you can help in the welfare of your society and your country. Today, human society has developed up to this level because of this understanding and harmony of some people who have sympathy and tolerance towards the happiness and progress of others. On the other hand, you must understand that by helping others morally, you help yourself and by helping yourself morally you help others also.
Thank you.

Now there a goal, that I need you all to help me reach. I want at lease 1000 people to read this food for spiritual growth, and the only way this goal can be achieved is with you all. I need you all to share this with your homies, cousins and mates, and ket them know to share this journey with someone. i know for a fact that if we share this goal we can achieve, and hopefully it can become a part of our everyday, showing love to someone. pleas join me on this mission!!!
Peace & Love


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ashleynichole Posted 7 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
I wish you the best with your time spent in solitude. I also wish the best for your family. It must be hard being locked up and watching other people run free.

Thanks for your positive words. My situation is nothing in comparison but I still get down on life and living.

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs when we least expect it. I am constantly dealing with negativity. I need to take a better perspective when dealing with the bad.

I wish you and your family the best,

bubby Posted 7 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 7 months ago   Favorite
I think your time in prison has made you a really wise and compassionate man. You seem to have a lot of respect for women. You also seem like you would be a very good influence on your cell mate and all the other inmates. I like the photo of you, your sister and your niece. Have wonderful thoughts this Easter season!
May God bless you,

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