Sept. 25, 2014

Hopeless Justice

by Troy Hendrix (author's profile)


Hopeless Justice

Innocent until proven guilty? Not in this country you are, because here, individuals are considered guilty until proven innocent. But even the truly innocent are considered guilty because Lady Justice is blind. When it comes to pleas of innocence, her ears remain deaf. When it comes to the fragrance of lies, deceit and corruption, she is unable to smell these scents. When it comes to true justice, she is unable to taste this, because she is tasteless, and her touch remains cold and numb as she grips her unbalanced scale. Lady Justice lacks all 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight) she is senseless. Without senses, it's impossible to really function, let alone provide true justice and judgement.

Guilty until proven guilty? Yes indeed. The media convicted and sentenced me years before I went to trial. The media painted a portrait of me, and my entire case, and this portrait was hung up in the minds of most people around the world. People tend to believe everything they hear and read, and this is a weakness for many. The media played on this weakness, by planting into the minds, the seeds of "menace to society", "thug", "scumbag", "monster", and "animal". Once these seeds were planted, they provided sunlight and then sat back and watched those seeds grow. The image of me that grew from those seeds were, and still are, hard to erase. So eventually, people in society also convicted and sentenced me years before I went to trial.

Guilty until proven otherwise? Absolute, because the Criminal Justice System makes it easy to get in, but extremely difficult to get out. The District Attorney's (D.A) main goal is to get a conviction. It doesn't matter whether you are innocent or guilty, they are out for a conviction at all cost. Even if they have to bend, twist, flip and bounce any evidence, witness, or documents because to them a win is a win, and losing is not an option. It's just like a card game, but it's almost impossible to win since the D.A has the cards rigged way before they are even dealt with. Lady Justice made sure that she removed her blindfold, just so that she could watch me closely. But once the D.A began to bend, twist, flip, and bounce some of the evidence, witness and documents in my case, Lady Justice suddenly became blind again. Lady Justice was all ears whenever the media dragged my name and image through the mud, but every time I proclaimed my innocence, she suddenly became deaf again. Lady Justice was able to smell and taste the D.A's victory, way before the actual victory, but when it came to me, the only thing that she smelled and tasted was my downfall. Lady Justice seems to lose her touch everyday, because the scales that she holds is becoming more and more unbalanced. Without true justice, there will be no peace, and without peace, there will be no hope. With no hope, one cannot survive or adjust in this system that's so full of unjust and injustice.


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ToyToy Posted 3 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years ago   Favorite
Baby never stop telling your story, because you are amongst the innocent that have been wrongly convicted. The media poisons and taints the jury. The unequivocally corrupt justice system which is unjust, only cares about elections and keeping their conviction rate high. Much like politics, the justice system is filled with deceitful liars. Nonetheless, I will always be in your corner fighting to prove your innocence! Love your wifey.

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