Dec. 22, 2014

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by Scott A. Heimermann (author's profile)
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Pattern Of Civil Rights Abuses By Milwaukee Police
(May 18, 2013)




Mr. Scott I wanted 2 inform you that the "body guard" u refer 2 was my family member who had just turned 15 years old in November 1988. Hope u can still sleep at night.


I am in receipt of your recent comment in regards to my blog on the Internet under the true title: "Pattern of Civil Rights Abuses by Milwaukee Police." Please know I'm truly sorry for the loss of your 'family member' (Dion) who you state "had turned 15 years old in November 1988." No human being should lose their life.

Unfortunately, I am not certain that your family know of the actual truth in this underlying case. You see, the whole point is that the real common denominator to all our sufferings for the past 25+ years is this: Milwaukee police corruption problems in this case.

On December 9, 2014, new legal papers were filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court Case No. 1991CF911618A, establishing my factual innocence and Milwaukee police corruption in the August 19, 1989 murders of your Dion and Muhammad Binwalee based on verifiable evidence from the: (1) recent key state-witnesses (Edward Piscitello and Joseph Isajiw) recantations; and (2) statements and documents of the Milwaukee law enforcement community showing that the killings of Dion and Muhammad had been due to longstanding confidential informant Edward Piscitello being given the 'green light' by Milwaukee police to implicate Muhammad and his organization (Black Gangster Disciples), as well as to deal with them any way that Piscitello saw fit. In addition, new documentary evidence confirms that Muhammad was allowed by Milwaukee police to remain on the streets after being released from the Milwaukee County Jail on March 21, 1989, even though Muhammad had been wanted by the FBI and Chicago law enforcement for a July 2, 1988 homicide in Chicago, thus adding complicity in the murders of your Dion and Muhammad due to the reckless abuse of process which occurred in the war on drugs by the Milwaukee Police Department. As a result, Milwaukee police may not have actually told Piscitello and Isajiw that they could mete out a death sentence to your Dion and Muhammad, but the now documented and confirmed violent result of shady and corrupt dealings between Milwaukee police and Piscitello, where Milwaukee police were well aware that Piscitello had violent criminal tendencies, and that he was empowered to ben and break laws in order to assist Milwaukee police fight the war on drugs, did in fact result in the waste of lives of your Dion and Muhammad as well as the wrongful incarceration of me for the past 23+ years. In other words, had Milwaukee police not released Muhammad from the jail on March 21, 1989, and had Milwaukee police heeded to my July 1989 warnings of Piscitello's violent criminal tendencies, your Dion would still be alive today.

So what really happened? Like the recent Dontre Hamilton case in Milwaukee, the Ferguson regarding Michael Brown, including the recent 12-year-old boy carrying the toy gun killed by a cop on the Cleveland police force, where the U.S. Department of Justice recently determined probable cause of systematic use of excessive force, the murder of your Dion is tantamount to Milwaukee police killing minorities.

What to do? Hebrews 10:24 reminds us, "Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." (NIV) So as we move forward, imagine the difference it could make if your family, my family and I all set out to encourage each other -- if we comfort each other and work together in pointing out the various problems with the Wisconsin criminal justice system seriously, especially as we witness all the demonstrations over police killing minorities recently making headlines across America, the race toward justice and finding the whole truth would be easier for all of us in this case. Toward that end, if I were you I certainly would try consulting with an attorney to promptly find some way for challenging Dion's murder under Wis. Act 348 and/or possibly file a wrongful death lawsuit. Under Wis. Act 348, for example, which Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently signed into law, this new law assigns independent investigators to investigate police shootings. Your family should know, moreover, that I will be happy to work with you (or your attorney) to share with you copies of all relevant documents on which I currently possess to challenge Dion's wrongful death given the trove of new evidence of Milwaukee police corruption problems involved in my wrongful convictions of 1991.

Please let me know if your family has any questions. I can be reached at 920-324-7190. God bless you.

Very truly yours,
Scott A Heimermann [signature]
Scott A. Heimermann


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