Jan. 5, 2015

Letter of Appreciation

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Dear Mother,
I write this letter today with a blessed and humble heart. For the events of the past few days have caused me to reflect and recognize my blessings. In this case—YOU!

I am so blessed and grateful to have you as my mother. I recognize the characteristics of myself that I received from you. Most importantly, my love for Allah/God, my natural kindness, my good looks, and my great sense of humor. :) All of which have made my life fulfilling. No matter where I am or have been.

I know in my youth I was the cause of so much of your pain, embarrassment, stress, and disappointment, as well as your joy, pride, and laughter. I know I fell well short of your expectations, as well as my own. I know the absence of my presence in the family caused a void all these years. A void I know you attempt to fill. That is your nature (as you attempted to fill the void in my life that my absent father left). Nevertheless, I know my part in separating our family has caused you sorrow—to say the least.

Yet today you are still here. Alive, healthy, and happy. I enjoy our relationship today and look forward to it becoming stronger. Especially when I am home. I am blessed to have a mother who is always by my side and supportive, even if you disagree with my actions. Through all that I have been through in my life, the constant positives are you and Allah/God. Al-humdu lil-lah (all praises are due to Allah/God).

Ma, I just wanted to write this letter and remind you how much you mean to me, and how much I appreciate, love, and adore you. You were my first teacher in life. One of only two people who have ALWAYS been there in my life (the other is your mother, my grandma).

I struggle at times with ways to repay you for all you've done. How do I give equally? Impossible!

So I attempt to do three things:
1. I attempt to do all I can to come home. Do my part in completing our family, taking care of you, and furthering the legacy of our family.
2. I attempt to be the best ME I know how to be to flourish and be of great service to Allah/God.
3. I attempt to share with all I encounter the blessings you have given and passed on to me. So as people get to know me, it is the memory of you. Because all I have to share, I got from you: my love for Allah/God, my natural kindness, my good looks, and my great sense of humor! :)

I am truly thankful, grateful, appreciative, and blessed that you are my MOTHER. I love you will all that I am.

I pray that our time apart is nearing its end. I know we can't catch up on all the time we lost. However, I know we will cherish and relish the time we spend together. For all the time I am with you, speaking to you and sharing with you, I know it is a blessing that many do not get or no longer enjoy. I am aware that all the time I get to have with you is a blessing from Allah/God, and I do not deny any blessings from my Lord.

I love you, Mother. I hope to see you soon.

Your first born,
Michael Lucas



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