Sept. 14, 2015

Humans United For The Elimination Of Isis

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Humans United for the Elimination of ISIS

There will be a utopia, which presents a problem. People who feel marginalized (whether they are or not, or whether or not they caused there marginalization)are fertile ground for extremist ideologies. Thus it should surprise people that ISIS is growing in U.S prison's.
I'm in the SHU at Terre Haute USP, where multiple prisoners (mostly black, but including a white guy from Tennessee) are locked up because they support ISIS + proudly advocate this.
No humanist nor any human-rights activist can offer any support for ISIS or any ideology like it. Watch the news on any given day if you don't already know why ISIS is, with out a doubt, the most acute threat to humanity. People are destroying historic monuments, machine gunning tourist, killing young woman simply for going to school or turning them into sex slaves, torturing their prisoners to death, and selling drugs to fund their terrorism.
I find it bizarre that Americans are talking about the confederate flag when the Islamic holy book clearly commands the dismemberment and death of those who reject Islam.
I doubt it just as bizarre when the media's talked about terrorist overseas, given that gangs such as Vice Lords,El Rukans,Ect.Are in America, which sell heroin obtained from Afghanistan because they are all Islamic.
As bad as the Christian right has been + is in America )e.g the scopes case, abortion-clinic attacks, ect. ), they are gnats compared to the ISIS black widow!
Do you want to live in a world permitted are those sanctioned by Islam? By the way, photos, paintings, any depiction of any person or animal is prohibited by Islam, which is why you'll only see intricate geometrical designs on Islamic monuments , text + clothing. Ask and Imam if you doubt me.
You mya've caught on to how infuriated I am at ISIS's antics. I'm part this due to a crip down the hall, who goes by "No-No," defending ISIS'S recently reported activities, including offering a young girl as a sex slave to men who could memorize the Quran. He'll spend the day bragging about selling dope + other destructive gang activity, then do a call to prayer. He's got the nerve to cuss out + threaten a sex offender, when ISIS... and the prophet Muhammad married a child himself Aisha!
If I wasn't an Atheist, I'd pray for the poor people who are not Islamic terrorists yet were born in the lands that terrorists flourish in.
What I can do is volunteer for a suicide mission against ISIS!I am more than willing to cut one of there heads off-More than one!-With a butter knife. We all need to unite + fight against ISIS K.O.S-Kill on sight. All of us- gays , Christians , artists , women men all of us!


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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