July 7, 2016

Never Forget That

by Troy Hendrix (author's profile)
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Boxed In and Buried Alive
(Nov. 30, 2014)


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Your comments were recently shared with me, so I decided to set forth my thoughts upon this paper with hopes of showing you and the rest of the world how narrow and closed your mind really is. You recently "hid" behind your computer screen and anonymously sent negative energy my way, and, from the tone of your words, one would assume that you know me personally, but that is not the case at all. You only know who the media made me out to be, so your first mistake was believing everything you read about me. And, sadly, your mind is too narrow to consider that I could actually be innocent. Over the years, many individuals were convicted of crimes that they were later on proven to be innocent of. The Criminal Justice System that you have so much faith in has condemned and ruined the lives of countless innocent people. NEVER FORGET THAT.

For whatever reason, you found it necessary to reiterate the comments made by Justice Tomai at my sentencing and what he said is true, because prison is a place that is cold, loveless, and with little compassion. But there is a sadder fact, a sadder reality that Tomai failed to mention. Just because you are not surrounded by 4 walls, steel doors, and barbed wired fences does not mean that you too do not live in a place that is cold, loveless, and with little compassion. In the outside world there are police officers shooting unarmed people, mass shootings, stabbings, domestic violence, child abuse, corrupt cops, corrupt politicians, wars, etc.... The outside world is just as cold, loveless, and compassionless as my inside world. NEVER FORGET THAT.

You decided to "hide" behind your computer screen and post judgmental comments. You are another nameless, faceless, and voiceless person with narrow views, narrow opinions, and a narrow mind. You pass judgment upon me as if you are God, but you are a mere mortal, so your views, opinions, and judgment are meaningless to me. I have walked this earth for 32 years, and every step of the way has been filled with hardship, pitfalls, despair, and heartache.

You would not be able to walk in my shoes, let alone tie my laces, because your small, narrow, weak mind is not strong enough. It would easily shatter. Yet here I stand beaten and battered (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically) but not broken. So the next time you decide to "hide" behind a computer screen and post comments, at least make sure that your words are filled with greatness because, "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. And small minds discuss people." NEVER FORGET THAT.


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