Nov. 10, 2016

Reinventing One's Self

by Keith Nesbitt (author's profile)


Reinventing One's Self

When one finds him/herself hopeless, it illuminates all sorts of emotions like fear, forced courage, frustration, anger, and perhaps regret. Especially when we can't do anything to improve our situation or anyone else's.

That is when we feel weak to our most vulnerable selves. When we are afraid, struggling, or even sick (if at all) clinging to just a frame of the hope we need to pull through, that one's true nature reveals itself.

Take the Internet, for example. The unfortunate beauty of it is, you can fully express yourself without divulging how you truly are. A place of equal, hidden-in-plain-sight, common ground.

Now take love, a two-way street. Love requires the right conditions like communication, for example. Without communication both ways, there is only sour love. And the only true freedom from a non-communicating love is, to cease to love altogether. We've always had dirty minds and foul hearts, sought out secret dangers, just to betray ourselves in the end.

But we can always reinvent ourselves by separating from and exploring nature and by harnessing time and distance. This is all to say, reinventing oneself is not out of reach at all. After all, blind people can see everything in their dreams but always have to readjust to being blind again when they're awake.

Also issues of our past should not cloud our ability to move forward and feel never-ending remorse, nor should it be a defining moment in which we should not have gained meaningful and responsible experience in which to be better than all our before's. And which strengthens our tomorrows, through the sentiment of empathy, self-improvement, introspection, prioritizing, and delegating and regulating in which direction our daily emotions are dispersed.

Change is essential for a better tomorrow. No matter the area in which we seek the change. Whether it is no longer getting upset when we cannot complete that puzzle because the last piece is missing. Or claim "That's my song!" and continuously sing the wrong lyrics. Or just being grateful we have the ability to make a change.


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