June 4, 2017

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In Warm Blood, the story of How A Child Was Made Into A Murdered & the Criminal Injustice System Insists He Stay That Way

by Nate A. Lindell, created 24 May 2017

A buddy down the hall from me, himself diagnosed with PTSD, convicted of murder, the product of severe child abuse, lent me this book, written by Wisconsin prisoner DaRen Morris.
I though, wrongly, it'd be drivel, a weak sob story, compared to my own experience, by a scoundrel seeking a pass. This, I know, is what many people assume when a criminal "blames" his childhood for his criminality. But DarRen's words were achingly honest, some embarrassing, to someone trying to hide behind a mask of toughness, as many - but not all - violent criminals do. DarRen's words were to an unlikely friend, the co-author, in person letters, to her.
What's amazing is how his words will reach in & grip your heart, not trying to force you to pity him, just let you know, "This is who I am. This is how life shaped me," leaving the clear impression that he could have been more, if offered the opportunity; that he still could be more, but the system unjustly, inhumanely, shamefully insists he continue to live a degraded life. The guy's humble, which, as followers of my blog know, I can't relate to.
I sent him a letter, asked him some questions, which I promised to post on my blog. They're attached as pages 3-6 of this post.
DarRen's story is alien to me, yet not. He's Black, from big cities, opposite me. But the abuse, the violence forced on him, the blindness of society & the authorities, I am familiar with, as are many prisoners. His is the story about how a kind, trusting Black/African-American boy was moulded by life into a gang member, capable of murder.
The co-author tells a story too, her imagined writings from her father, who was white, committed an armed robbery, went to prison, but was let out early because he agreed to do medical experiments on prisoners. No offense to the co-author, but - mein Gott! I can't pity or relate to her father. Those who sell out other people in that way, they lack character, lack honor - I don't want them around me, don't trust them. Such morally insane, selfish people are the cause of many social evils, caused by their selfishness, their willingness to leave others to drown while they float on their corpses.
In Warm Blood - you'll not be able to put it down. Reproductions of DaRen's intriguing (some troubling, most surreal) paintings are in it as well. His painting are beautiful. You can see them on darrenmorrisart.com
Read the stories similar to DarRen's, including an essay of mine, and an explanation of how neglect & abuse of children breeds criminals, and how society can improve the situation, in Parental Incarceration, Routledge (2016)
Appreciate it if you'd like & share this review on your facebook pages, with links to both above noted books, and inwarmblood.net



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