June 6, 2017

21st Century Karno's Klassics...

by James Terry (author's profile)


21st Century Karno's Klassics
Issue 23, November 2014

Karno and Al strike again, this time taking on the cancerous growth of the prison-industrial complex. I tell you, researching this subject was a vomit-inducing experience. Sociopaths plutocrats are pushing like made to criminalize common behaviors, if not entire classes of people, just so they can make a buck out of locking them in cages. It's sick and ugly, and the rest of the ruling class is more than happy to help this process along. After all, the rich never get arrested, and the control they crave over the common rabble can't be surer than when they literally have you in chains.

An old Spanish proverb says, "The big crooks lock up the little ones." And rarely has this been truer than in today's America. Check out the Innocence Project. If reading their reports on obviously innocent people imprisoned for decades by judges and prosecutors who damn well knew they were doesn't make you angry, then you're not human and should return to your home planet.

So, anyway, the entire contents of this booklet is copyright to Kjartan Arnorsson, 1505 St. Mary's Road, 123, Tuscon, AZ 85745. If you have anything to say about it, please do drop me a note at the above listed address. I usually warn copyright infringers here, but there's really no point, is there? This book is rife with stuff people don't want to hear, so I doubt I'll make a profit off of it. So how could you? But you're welcome to try, long as you split the (unlikely) take with me.

[caricature of Uncle Sam wearing an officer cap. He is pointing at the viewer with one hand and pointing at a prison cell door with the other. Caption: I WANT YOU IN U.S. Prison.]

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