Sept. 19, 2018

Poor Richard 3.0

by James Terry (author's profile)


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TITLE: Poor Richard 3.0
Science Fiction
The night was hot & miserable for even the Nevada desert. Purple & orange hues lit up the sky.
The breeze had hints of bramble in the air along with the taste of decomposition.
After all, the wilderness can be a harsh cruel unforgiving environment.
Area 51 is such a place.
Oct 12, 1945, 7 pm in close proximity to the United States Air Corp military base units on patrol came across what at first appears as a Thermus.
24 inches long girth of 9 inches this silo shaped object made of alloy is not of the Earth.
Once world-famous specialists gained access they concluded that the top-secret material is in fact alien technological debris that's still viable & is a germination device that gives planets flora & fauna.
Named "Our Secret Garden", this until Voyager & Cassini project blue book tech was never implemented.
And then when it was garden of Eden were only for Mars & Venus.
The general public would never know what International Space Station astronauts' cosmonauts knew about classified missions until the Syphilite Wars.
Once detonated: on Venus gravity, oxygen & with domed biosphere sunshine was that equal to that of Earth.
Mars is for men & Venus women.

Poor Richard 3.0
Earth has suffered a cataclysmic catastrophe from a thermal nuclear syphilitic seven-year war. The outbreak & missile launchers forced humankind to recolonize.
Life had been normal on earth until 2018. Nations as usual had pestilence, malnutrition; warfare. The voracious death rate from syphilis & other STDs was alarming.
For the spread of democracy, nations were accustomed to state-sponsored acts of terrorism disguised as policing one another.
Since the inauguration date, American President Donald Trump & his administration traumatized all news media outlets into such a degree of paralysis that citizenry display inability to discern between real & fake news.
The uncharacteristic way that Kellyanne Conway & Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismantled intelligence distributing true alt-right propaganda sadly was misinformation that is crafted masterfully yet supported inequality.
Those in power control the narrative.
Advance to post-apocalyptic Earth; we find ourselves 2025 Venus stardate; US President Donald J. Trump is now titled: The New Supreme Leader.
Thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT students, staff & donors had foresight to envision safety protocols for possibilities of extinction-level event scenarios & were able to utilize science as a tool to tap into the intellectual property of prodigies to save mankind.
Who could have thought sexually transmitted diseases would wipe out 90% of us leading to mutual assured destruction via nuclear holocaust?
"Welcome shareholders & potential investors. I am your chief executive officer Poor Richard. Today's board meeting will focus on our current future options as this company moves forward."
"Please don't be shy! PTN the Planetary Television Network cameras will be shooting simulcast live streaming broadband to the general public our quarterly reports board meeting."
"Because 1st planetary security concerns to repopulate our new home. This company news wave IVF clinics Inc. (n/w/ - IVF Inc. pronounced: New Life Ink) must diversify."
"Negroids, mongoloids & caucasoids must reproduce via artificial insemination in cohesive unity that seeds the heavens," concluded Poor Richard.
The Holy Trinity called New Wife Ink is headed by 3 sentient autonomous hologram human DNA flesh tone get packed emitting drone officers the kids have nicknamed the 3 Overseers.
CEO Poor Richards black, COO Mark is Asian & CFO John is white.
Poor Dick continues, "The criticisms have been harsh against this company of late advertisers have pulled out their ads."
"The recent recall of vitamen our chemical castration pharmaceutical pill by The Center for Disease & Contres. cause a fall in value of shares."
"The New Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump made several thorough slips that led to large sell-offs of N/WI.VF INC. stocks & bonds that inferred insider trading."
"In evidence is our codependency on the Milky Way Galaxy & also having intimate


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