July 14, 2017

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(June 4, 2017)


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Letter to Daniel Tutka, dated 4 Jul

Nathaniel Lindell
1101 Morrison Drive
PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805-0901

Dear Daniel,
Got your last letter. No worries, I have the T.V> headphones, shower shoes, paper & stamped envelopes. (The clothing & vitamins & fish oil were denied). DON'T SEND ME MONEY. I owe over 12,000 dollars for lawsuit filing fees & such. Any $ sent to me is taken to pay that. This is one reason I want to write my book: if it is barely successful, I'd earn around... 40,000, minimum.
In the meantime, don't send me money.
You may, however, send these people some money, once you ensure they know it's to be used for me: iww.milwaukee@gmail.com. Jason Eldrich there regularly writes me. These people are part of our Free Wisconsin Movement, which seeks to end the abusive conditions in prison & unneeded imprisonment too. They are good people, but poor, and busy doing a lot. Jacob just sent me $15, trying to help - it was all taken for my debts. They can buy me more stuff than can you, as you're not in America. It's weird how things turn out, how people reconnect, who we find to be friends, who turn out to be... not friends.
Yes, I too think I'd have turned out differently if I'd had a stable, healthy family. Think about that a lot. The same is true for many (but not all) prisoners; the waste is, however, particularly stupid in my case, given my intellectual & artistic talents.
I could have been raised/moulded in a way that I could be finding "a cure for cancer", providing psychotherapy for troubled kids. Instead, I'm in a cell & use my critical mind doing legal work for other prisoners & myself. Our arrogant American society wastes people.
Anyway, you asked what I meant about not being able to mail out denied property you send. They only let us mail out denied property, which we can only do if we have $ on our account to pay the shipping costs. Because I'm 12,000 in debt, any property that they deny, I can't mail out - it is destroyed or I can "donate" it to charity (I donate it to charity & hope the charity actually gets it, not guards).
The only mail I can send is in the stamped envelopes people buy me - five pages at a time. (I do have some large envelopes with extra postage, to mail 20-50 pgs. at a time.)
Here is full list of what I can have:
#1) Most important to me, so I can find a friend to visit me, spread the word about my art, poetry & find outside help, is to have credit put on my prisoninmates.com/NateLindell303724 page, which you can do using PayPal, through prisoninmates.com/product/18/Fund-an-Inmate 275-Balance-on-Account

#2) from JLMarcusWisconsin.com, using PayPal too:
every couple months please order them ---> #8039 5-pack stamped envelopes $3.15 (order six packs at a time)
#4662 Rug $13.13 (order one only)
#8162 Nailclippers $.95 (one)
#4659 L-shaped cable adapter $1.88 (one)
#4650 Reading glasses - four times strength $4.88 (one)
#54072 Sketch pad 50-sheets $3.15 (one)
#8212 Expandable Folder $2.36 (three of them)
#5202 Coaxial cable for T.V. £6.83 (one)
#8331 Multivitamins $19.99 (one)
#4425 Stereo radio $92.14 (one)
#859 Poker Cards $1.59 (one)
#8119 Lined writing paper $2.26 (one)
#18902-card Valentine's Day Card $.95 (three)
#8112 Address book $5.78 (one)
#4304 Typing paper 100 sheets $2.96 (one)
#N84386 How to Read Music, book $12.86 (one)
#N40401 The Train Your Brain Workout $6.93 (one)
#4621 Frankincense-scented oil $4.24 (one)
#18516-card Thank You $.95 (three)

Some books I really want:
Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual, order from oup.com or prisonlegalnews.org

Georgetown Law Jrnl. - Annual Review of Criminal Procedure
fax: 202.662.9444 e-mail: criminalprocedure@law.georgetown.edu

Inmate Shopper, most recent edition - inmateshopper.com

when you order them, tell them "You must send a receipt/invoice with the book, to
"Nate A. Lindell #303724
1101 Morrison Drive
Boscobel, WI

Relax. You can't offend me, because I know that is not your intention. Remember I have a very good sense of humour: if I can laugh about the asshole next to me saying crazy insults me, for no reason, I'm not going to be offended by your observations about me.
I'm not that insecure Dan.

By the way, about my family, I wrote my younger brother a couple months ago, told him I forgave him for testifying against me, but could not do so for my mom (she not only testified against me but had sex with a guy to bribe him to also give a false statement on me). Doing so relieved me of some stress. However, my brother still did not realize or acknowledge what was wrong about what he did, that he betrayed me, sold me out for a crappy deal, out of fear & selfishness.
That's a real moral mystery to me, sorta denied my forgiveness.
Imagine forgiving someone for punching you, but they don't care because they don't think they did anything wrong. Bizarrely he replied to me that he's careful what he says to me because he doesn't trust me, as if I'm the one who sold him out.
So, yes, my family is... not healthy, not "family", which saddens me. Guess I must create my own "family", or friends.
A neurology professor, who seems like a great guy, did recently write me. Like me, he's a super-nerd, so, we may become good friends.
They young woman I told you about, who was the best friend I had, stopped writing, found a good boyfriend. C'est la vie.
Have you heard that American rock song, "How do ya love?"? That's all that we leave behind when we die, well, one of the things, and it's a powerful thing we can do while we live. So, as I said, my most important wish is to find good friends, such as you.
Best wishes,


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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