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Nate's News, 10 Sept 2017

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The Prison System Wants You!
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Nate's News, 10 Sept. 2017

Greetings, Readers!

It's that time of the month again. No, you're not menstruating, as far as I know. But you are being begged for a donation.

This is being mailed with literally my last envelope. I need at least one person to order some postage-embossed envelopes for me (nothing else) from (up to six 5-packs at a time that I can have). With no family support, debt from suing the DOC, I have this in common with Scarlet O'Hara: "I've always relied on the kindness of strangers." So if you like my family programming, etc., do me like PBS and keep me on the air.

The drawing, by the way, is based on the good luck hexographic symbols pre-Christian teutonic people used to distract evil spirits. They believed that spirits would be trapped watching the symbols, trying to grasp the pattern. I think it looks cool, so voilà.

Accompanying this post (BtB hasn't posted them in the order that I requested, so I'm informing you) is a post about a case I have pending in the SCT about prison staff destroying my art and books. It's one of the things that's drained my brain of late.

I've been surprise to have not received any comments to my last post: "Society Makes Its Criminal". Thought the piece would have incited more feedback. Hmm. Maybe there were comments, but they just weren't mailed or staff didn't deliver them?

Those of you interested in my essays and short fiction can find pieces not published elsewhere on Look under "Theme Essays", Picture and Word themes. Some of my poems may be up by now too. Cornell U runs this, so I've submitted writings in the hopes of connecting with someone in the intelligentsia to help me get my writings published, get a formal higher education, etc. For now, my writings are but some of many, which drives me to excel thusly to be spotted and "adopted."

So far, no luck, for... five, seven years. And I don't know why.

I'm still housed in solitary confinement, despite not having been accused of major misconduct for over two years. C'est la vie. A Christian lady visits me once a week. She knows I'm an Atheist and I hope she doesn't imagine that she's going to Dead Man Walking me! She likes poetry, so that's what we talk about.

Saw Dead Man Walking recently for the first time. It was worth seeing. Sean Penn's character reminded me of a guy who was next door to me at Terre Haute, USP, facing the death penalty for killing his cellie just to kill him. The movie was good at revealing the emotionally charged, ignorantly, punitive heart of the system and the horrible nature of some crimes committed by people who are not entirely bad, and how the worst criminals usually weasel their way out of trouble.

Donald Trump... Huh. What can I say that others haven't said already? Well, I try in another piece accompanying this post: "Thoughts on Donald Trump".

Previously I wrote that I'm dealing with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, I've tried to, but their proud lack of organization, failure to communicate, and apparent preference for LGBTQs (one's orientation means nothing to me, but I'm straight), and apparent insistence on their take on proper Marxism (e.g. elimination of nuclear families and monogamy) renders me an outsider. When I can, I will write and tell them to take me off their "list". So anyone I referred to them, let this disrefer you.

An example of the problems include them saying that they'd help file some legal papers and then not doing so, not telling me so, while sending frivolous BS to LGBTQ prisoners. I'm anti PIC but not an anarchist, nor a communist.

Alright, this'll be it until I receive some stamped envelopes.

Nate A. Lindell #303724
P.O. Box 990
Boscobel, WI 53805-0901


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