March 27, 2018

Peace; Escape Yourself

From Heart Talk by Jack Branch




Cousin of Sleep
Sister of peace
Quiet when buried
No worries
No stress
In a peaceful place
Called The Cemetary.

"Escape Yourself"

Turn away from all the sanity-tactics you ever thought you learned.
Focus instead on how many bridges your sins have really burned,
Dwell yourself on,
How you live maybe different from how you were raised.
Succumb for a brief vacation, to the strongest powder haze.
A fair exchange, leaves behind your agonizing sobriety.
But with it goes your full sense of kindness and property.
Search all you will but there's just no actual haze.
To subject everyone else to the results of your own personal flaws.
The things I've done, all the trouble I've ever started
Is a leading reason I feel so broken hearted.
I wish to all I could ever wish to
That I could just make it all right.
Sell my soul in a tick and tack, to erase every past painful night.
What have I done?
I don't even know if I had been the one who was hurt first.
Instead I let the unknown fester and hurt everyone
I loved so much worse than before.
Life has so many bumps, jolts, scrapes, brakes, and pains
But will I ever be truly free from guilt's ball and chains?

Jack M. Branch #R17203
Florida State Prison
P.O. Box 800
Raiford, Florida. 32083-0800


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