May 8, 2018
by Leon Irby (author's profile)


1955 Bus Boycott
[Bus seat incident yearlong Montgomery, Ala.]

God's Will be done. PSA 143.1

Update: Bill Cosby
Oh how the mighty have fallen!
Shout it not from the Hollywood Hills!

Shout out outside the bars to:
Gloria Allred
Sunny Houstin
Federal Prosecutor
So-called black co-host of View
04-27-2018, 10:00 A.M. CST

Hi-Tech Lynching of Dr. Bill Cosby
See Montgomery, AL Lynching Museum
Oprah, April 2018, minutes
See also 04-27-2018, 6:00 PM CST

On 04-26-2018, Thurs., in Montgomery County, PA, When the "#MeToo" Jury Lynched
Note: All agreed that the "#MeToo" Movement were prejudiced in Mr. Cosby's so-called trial!

Dr. Cosby, the joyous, boundless celebration, ignited terrible visions of those rabid crowds celebrating the hanging of black bodies. Hanging from trees, burned! Smashed, etc.

There were 1,800 lynchings from 1887-1950! NewsHour, Id.

The most outrageous! Asinine! Nefarious! Utterings!
Issued out of Allred and Houstin's mouths!
The #MeToo, now women will be believed.

Over 1,800 black men, including 14-year-old Emment Till (1955), have been lynched on one white word.
"Uppity nigger!"
You had to show his "bro" (e.g. "America's dad! Cosby Show!, etc.") to us. How ol' Bill got too big for his "black ass"! (see Ms. Bollis testimony, NewsHour, Id), and how you put that "n-word" down in his place!

How many times did you call Mr. Cosby a black man!? Black on black racism, Malcolm X!

There is nothing new under the sun!

There is nothing new in lynching black men nor anything accidental in your first take down being an "uppity nigger."

#PSA 143.7



April 27, 2018

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