Dec. 22, 2018

Your Imagination, But Still My Reality

by Troy Hendrix (author's profile)


Your Imagination, But Still My Reality
The Saga Continues, Part 2

Imagine living in a place where the sky is cloudless and clear, and the sun casts off radiant rays, never leaving room for darkness. A place where the air is fresh and unpolluted by the toxic fumes of bitterness, misery, hate, and depression. A place free from unbearable loneliness and inhumane isolation. A place designed to keep minds intact and not shatter them. A place designed to warm your heart and not freeze it. Unfortunately, this place that I speak of is merely my imagination because the extreme isolation that I am currently subjected to is my present reality.

Imagine having to imagine a normal environment to live in. I am left to dream and imagine this, just so I can escape this abnormal environment. This is my present reality. It's only a temporary escape, but an escape nevertheless. For the past 13 years (and counting), I have been buried deep within the rotten bowels of solitary confinement and the harshness, comfortless, and coldness of this confinement has chilled my bones and turned my warm heart cold. The atrocious, grim, and inhumane conditions of this isolation has ripped my soul to shredded pieces. The years spent in this lonely, unpitying, and bitter habitation has stolen away my joy, hope, trust, and pieces of my mind, heart, and soul.

Solitary confinement brings with it clouds of depression, loneliness, bitterness, hopelessness (and much more), and it's not easy to see past these clouds because the sun rarely shines. With your imagination, you will most definitely be able to visualize the bleak, gloomy, and inhumane conditions of solitary confinement, but your experience will only be limited to a visualization. The 13 plus years that I have spent buried deep within the confines of solitary confinement[is only your imagination. But it is still my reality.

By Troy Hendrix
Dated December 10, 2018

This is part two to my previous post: Your Imagination, My Reality


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