Feb. 13, 2019

Jennifer Johnson's Speech

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


Jennifer Johnson's Speech
It passed time to break the following cycles.

Okay, it's 2019, a whole new year. That means things should be different. A new mindset. I am going to do things different than I did last year.

It's not wrong to be licensed to carry a gun, but when you're not licensed and carrying a gun for the wrong reason or your licensed to carry a gun but you have the gun for the wrong reasons, all this becomes a problem. We have started this year with the same cycle: killing people. There has been triple homicides already in two different states. One of the individuals was young, 21 years old. You just really entering adulthood; you haven't even experienced life. But you get angry enough to kill your parents, girlfriend, and some other people. 15 year old gets shot while walking down the street, for heaven's sake. Is it a crime to walk down the street, minding your own business?

This is the same cycle from last year. It's never too late to reverse this cycle.

America, we need to learn how to deal with what is bothering us. You get an anger issue till the point it's either your way or no way. You need help. If you own drugs, you need help. When you do better, you feel better. Stop this senseless killing for real.

Okay, we have left the unarmed blacks get killed by the cops. I hope the officers are getting more training and learning better communication skills to be able to relate to the community. Now the cycle has changed—till the whites and illegal immigrants kill the police. Listen, people, the cops are there for a reason.

Some of you are on probation and parole, and are repeated offenders and don't do what you supposed to. You're on the run from the police. So when you encounter the police, you're saying to yourself, "I am not going back to prison or jail," and you're carrying around a weapon as a felony. Knowing the whole situation is going to lead to destruction. So you panic and shoot the cop. Why not do what you're supposed to on parole and probation? You are the problem, not the cop, parole or probation officer.

Why are you failing to report and committing other crimes? Do what you supposed to. You don't have to worry about a jail or prison, pay them people, and stay off them drugs. You're repeating the same cycle from last year. Stay out of these prisons and jails. Get a job. Get into college. Turn a negative situation into a positive. Get off the same cycle.

Why are we still human trafficking people for money, especially our children in America and overseas? Why do you all pray our people who have been traumatized to have open wounds and be vulnerable? Because they want to feel accepted and loved. That is wrong. I hope they lock up all the pimps for doing these innocent children, and women and men with low self-esteem—being used and abused. This has got to stop.

Then these type of people get into prison and brag about how they was making money. How many clients they had and how successful they were. I be thinking to myself, "You are sad." I pray for people like that, but they deserve to be locked up. This cycle of human trafficking and sex trafficking has to end.

If you get time off these streets, do something better for yourself. Get your education. Get a real job. Start your own business. Get a real husband or wife—somebody not going to abuse and misuse you for their gain but going to love you the way you supposed to be loved.

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


The Perturb Southern Boarder Wall

America is not a real-estate business where you auction houses to the highest bidder.

First, Donald Trump wanted 5 million, then 5 to 1 billion, and last 5.7 billion to waste on this stupid southern boarder wall. Our economy has to help the American people gain not lose out because our government's money is being spent only on foolishness like a boarder wall. Donald Trump ran a far-fetched and foolish campaign from the get-go. A wall was a far-fetched promise to get voted into office. Hopefully the future candidates who will run for president or other public offices learn not to make far-fetched promises.

Second of all, learn from Mr. Trump who has a spirit of pride that is going to be his downfall because he listens to no one except for himself. A spirit of pride will cause many things, leads to disgrace, produces quarrels. Remember the tariffs? It leads to punishment—our global trade is messed up. Oh, I forgot that it led to the disgrace of our government shutdown and our American federal workers who suffered without pay. It leads to destruction. Won't happen as long as we have Nancy Pulso and Chuck Shummers. Ends in downfall—yes, the downfall of our president because he is headed for destruction. He is bringing himself low. He will not win another term, that for sure. Donald finds no pleasure in understanding people whom he works with who have experience for jobs that they are doing now.

Proverbs 18:2: "Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions." "This deal is going to be good for us all." "That was a bad deal, a boarder wall is desperately needed." Those are his opinions, but are they factual? Absolutely not. because if you keep track of how the drugs and illegal immigrants are coming over, it actually is through legal posts like airports, boats, transfer trucks, tractor trailers. Where he wants to build that wall is grassy area. There is no water, boats, transfer trucks, airports, submarines, or tractor trailers.

Donald Trump is fighting a useless battle that he will never win. It's his fault he ran on a far-fetched promise to get in the office. Even some of his angelic Christians are feeling the heat. "I never agreed with the troops coming out of Syria quickly. When I said 'slowly' because even if the war with ISIS was over, you still have to watch the area to make sure these people don't come back, and subdue and clean up the place." Those are tactics of the military and intelligence, which Donald Trump knows nothing about because he doesn't have the experience.

The Bible tells you Proverb 15:22: "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." What is the Scripture saying? People with tunnel vision (Donald Trump), those who are locked into one way of thinking, are likely to miss the right road because they have closed their minds to any new options. "We got to have a boarder wall." So more security at the boarder and special equipment is not an option. Boarder wall is the only option Donald Trump has.

We need the help of those who can enlarge our vision and broaden our perspective. Seek out the advice of those who know you and have a wealth of experience. Chief Staff, Chief Department of Defense, intelligence and military leaders, etc. Advisors. Build a network of advisors. Then be open to new ideas and be willing to weigh their suggestions carefully. Your plans will be stronger and more likely to succeed.

The lack of counsel caused the latest attack in Syria. Four Americans dead and three wounded US troops. Our president needs to learn humility. It leads to wisdom. Take advice. Leads to honor, ends in honor, brings honor.

Prime example of that is First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama, and Vice President Joe Bidden and his wife. They are an example of what humility looks like. Not anything flowed out of their mouths that they couldn't back up. If they said or did, they explained to the American people. The American people felt the kinship between them and us Americans.

We feel no kinship between Donald Trump, his wife, Vice President—whose name I forgot—and his wife. People who are significant to Americans? We remember their names because they have a special place in our hearts.

There are two other Scriptures that comes to mind when I think about the atmosphere Donald Trump is releasing to pollute our government, global trade dealing with his co-workers and illegal immigrants. Proverbs 18:6: "A fool's lips bring him strife and his mouth invites a beating. His own words come back to hurt him every time he lies." And Proverbs 18:7: "A fool's mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul."

This man has done nothing but bring dirty pollution to the table since he has been in office. My questions to the Democrats and the American people: why is Donald Trump still sitting on the presidential seat? Why hasn't the process of removal begun? And we, the American people, do not want his Vice President to take the chair either. Both need to go.

I want to turn my attention on the Republicans and Democrats who are going after Donald Trump, not giving him what he wants and when he wants. Thank you, Nancy Pulso and Chuck Schummer, for thinking about the American people's best interests. Thank you, Chuck Shummer, for delegating Stacy Abram for doing the State of Union. Thank you, Stacy Abram, for standing up for our voter rights in Georgia. Our voter rights are very important to all American people.

Thank you, Brian Kemp, for giving the teachers a raise. My daughter is a pre-K teacher. A lot of her individual pocket money is put on her students, and she is still a college student at Fort Valley University. She just moved in her first apartment, and she has a brand new Kia car. So she has a lot of responsibilities. So it's very important for them to have that raise as teachers.

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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