March 23, 2019
by Michael Lloyd Young (author's profile)



Hey Paul,

I responded to your e-mail responded Thursday nite, at that time I wrote that I would have an additional something 2 say, coming in the mail this Sunday nite. B4 I 4get, I appreciate the compliment that my writing in that first piece about "that guy" was "eloquent". At least I have that 2 spur me on. I believe I have the potential. And wherever I can make the spare time I intend, even at this late stage in life, to fulfil my potential.

I feel compelled to write something about the way we grant 15 minutes of fame 2 people who treat us in the way we claim not to appreciate. This recent massacre of Muslims at the Friday prayer service is a great opportunity to stop feeding this beast called fame, I say *DON'T SAY THEIR NAMES!*

By now, I hope you have read my retraction, my disavowment of my previous praise 4 that guy who manipulated my emotions. He pimped out my righteous indignation 2 this trick named J.O.T.B.W - Jump on the Band Wagon. I'm a bit embarrassed 2 acknowledge that something in my soul KNEW all along that it wasn't right. But 1 of the side-effects from being on the receiving end of sustained racism and injustice is u begin 2 perceive it even where it doesn't exist. And in defence of those misperceptions & that misunderstood & under-addressed phenomenon: If it walks, talks and acts like a penguin, it's a penguin 4 all intents and purposes. And it affects a conditioned response in other words, I'm so conditioned 2 have 2 reiterate the age-old truths of the golden rule 2 people who claim 2 understand it. And they do, when it pertains to justice 4 them. I automatically grab a flag & start marching.

But I most certainly digress, Sir Paul. That guy that plays on that TV show did a really creepy & selfish thing. And U R correct that it's bad 4 even the city of Chicago. He has been even further charged by indictment since I wrote the 2nd piece. And he shall have his day in court. I feel weird about stating this. But I really hope that he is, in fact, the victim - not the perpetrator. And unless he becomes a national hero of vindication thru the proof of truth, I'm done with him now.

I invite u 2 come back 2 this page & feel welcomed 2 respond 2 any-thing u may read here. I always respect an honest, thoughtful opinion. I welcome all responses. And there is content coming that will be meant 2 disseminate ideas that I don't feel get discussed enuf.

Peace & Blessings

Light & Love

Zawadi Diamond.


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