June 15, 2020

Personal Journal, 5/31 to 6/7

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal
5/3/20- Sunday I saw a doctoer Friday- one of those inmates don't deserve anything- don't know if he renewed my medication or not. He did cut down the (unclear) of boost drink I get. I saw the Dietitian right after and she said she was going to continue me on the boost because I need the calories and she said she was going to set me up for some test to find out what foods I can and Can't eat with chokin. I see the RN. on Tuesday hopefully she'll check my files for me and tell me what's going on the doctor was only filling in for my doctor, the weather here has been nice we had a couple of cool days now its warming back up. Painting another old church- the building almost looks like it could be a jail sitting off by itself I've added an outhouse behind it and a well in front :)

6/1/20- Monday Starting a new month- I'm in pain. It's just after 5:30 am and its already daylight :) a beautiful sight, colors starting to come into the sky, clouds are everywhere, a sky worth seeing- I fell off the parallel bars and hurt myself I was doing isometrics where you just hang there and let your muscles tighten up. I stayed too long dropped hard on my feet fell back landing on my ass & shoulders- last night my right shoulder, and right buttox started hurting and both my knees they're still hurting this morning- I didn't sleep a lot last night. It was a nice day with an oven cast that kept it cool :) I'll tell the R.N. when I see her Tuesday :) I've got a whole lot to talk to her about this week. It's after six already my celly's up getting ready for work. It is hard for me to concentrate when someone is moving around me. I can do isometrics by just putting my body's weight against itself on anything else stupid of me getting upon the parallel bars.

6/2/20- Tuesday Sitting here writing poetry for hours- the sun has come up- not sure if the temperature is warm or cold. I see us as teenagers in the beginning now here we are mostly wrinkles with hair as whit as snow. I'm ok with where we're at as long as we're together until we can no longer keep our eyes open- stayed out in the afternoon yesterday- got a little red. I'm still a little sore:) I won't be getting back on the bars anytime soon. The R.N. Moalli started seeing me twice a week because of putting dressing on the open sore on my back- the sore has healed over but she still wants to see me once a week because of the cancer until I see the dermatologist. They said it's not Melanoma but it is a skin cancer. I think I'll paint today after breakfast, after I clean the cell, after I wash my clothes- dayroom in the afternoon today :) it looks like we will have an art show at the Pier 5 law Offices. I got the paper work to fill out this week. I've got until October 2nd to get the art to them so I'll put something together, I love showing my painting. The Pier 5 Law Offices are no longer at Pier 5- the rent became too high a couple of years ago so they moved to an office on Deary. Gary Blackman use to live right around there somewhere when that area was all homes. Gary Blackman is a writer/ poet he wrote some song for the Jefferson Airplanes.

6/7/20- Sunday Another week- time has slowed down- it slows down in the summer in prison, days are longer and people start dreaming abut flowing down a river on a boat or a raft even an old inner tube- thinking cold been enjoying the company of the ones you love. Don't know for sure how many people/ prisoners have died from COVID 19 in Ca. prison at least 9 prisoners have die at CIM with cases in 30 prisons over 500 have tested positive at CIM. Now they're transferring 700 compromised or at risk men to other prisons from CIM to Covid free inmate populations- we've gotten 4 in this building this week- make sure everyone in California's prison get a chance to get it. Stay well, if I tell you the bad food is getting worse I would not be lying :)


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