July 25, 2020

Cov-19/Reopening Of School

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


COV-19 / Reopening of schools

Everyday we are seeing a surge of increase of COV-19 cases as well COV-19 deaths. As of today, July 11, 2020 Globally COV-19 total is 12,528,449 deaths 560,921 United States COV-19 3,187,270 deaths 134,117. It's surging in many states as we know along with deaths on the rise. Still people are not listen following behind our president who isn't wearing his mask. Especially our young people is not taking this seriously. This virus is very deadly. My question to the people who being disobedient. Do you want to live? Are do you want to die a premature death. When you get sick or die you are affecting everyone connected to you.

Why cause them grief and pain. If you love them, you wouldn't disobey the guidelines that's been put in place for your safety. I am tired of people taking this virus lightly because our president is taking it lightly. It won't be long before he will have it because too many people in his inner circle has gotten it. Grant you he has been exposed to these people. Let Donald Trump continue to be foolish by himself.

Americans, United nations and continents etc. you be wise wash your hands, wear your face mask and make sure you wash your face mask at the end of the day. Make sure you _____ more than one. I agree totally we all need to take precaution. Yes our economy needs to get to moving more in the right direction.

Our children and teachers needs to get back to school with precaution. Everyone needs to be temperature check, wear a mask, hand sanitizers. I heard one county school in Georgia said they children don't have to wear face mask if they don't want to but they was going to practice social distance. I do not agree with this. For the class that have a class of 15, 20, 25 I would space out desk in the gym and have a sound equipment projector etc in there because there is no sports etc. I feel every teacher and child should be Cov-19 three to four weeks before they go back to school that way you will know who is asymptomatic needs to be quarantined.
However because we back at square one with the surge of new cases and death of Cov-19 what do we need to do

(1) All governors and mayors need to not give the people any option whether they want to wear the mask or not. It should be mandatory. By placing fines and jail time no more Mr. nice guy. Every minute somebody is dying from Cov-19. This is serious. Everybody all over United State every Governor and mayor on the same page. No more one doing this and the other see no need. This fine and jail time is not just for citizen but the leaders all over United States. Enough with the foolishness. Lives are at risk.

(2) Every US citizen and prisoners nursing etc. needs to be tested for Cov-19 whether they had symptoms or not. So that way we can tace who has it and be quarantine ASAP. The ones who knows they have Cov-19 is not the problems. The people who is not having symptoms is the most dangerous ones to pass it on quickly. In order to do this we need the Health department clinic to do these test. Because they are not tied up with patience in the hospital, but with prenatal diseases, vaccines etc. The test should be free, they would keep a list of the pole in that county asymptomatic Cov-19 patients and make sure these patients are quarantine for 14 days properly whether it's in the home etc. The cov-19 count will go up bt it will get a handle on the spread of the virus and possibly the deaths. Everyone should want to be tested.

(3) Why is it taking the vaccines so long, second why can't this virus be treated through antibiotics

written by
Jennifer Johnson


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