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Aug. 12, 2020

Demented Minds

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


Demented Minds
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Demented Minds

Boooooo Black Homophobia

Today is June 29, 2020, and yesterday, while everyone on Condemned Row are still quarantining in the COVID-19 virus horror, I overheard someone yell in the distance:

"They should let us all out, and we should got to San Francisco and go to that BIG PINK Triangle Thing and set it one fire".

I yelled out:

"Maybe we need to set your stupid ass on fire".

After the dense silence, small pockets of laughter came, and so far, over 20 years of Homophobic outburst have been reminded that the only person on Death Row and in the entire San Quentin State Prison that openly identifies as gay, can overhear the disrespectful, discriminatory, yelling.


Unit East Block never hears anyone yelling; Nigger, Beaner, Cracker, White Devil, Spick, Nip, Kite, Colored Boy, or the very famous, "You People", or "Wet Back".

We never hear, CRAB, slob, Sewer Rats, BuddaHeads, Yellow Bellies, OR any disrespectful epithets associate with Criminal Street Gangs OR Prison Gang Culture.

Yet, at any given moment, OR depending on what is on Television at the time, the toxic masculinity creates a more psycho-sexual invironment with yelling prases and Comments, even when a very heterosexual Sounding officer talks over The Unit. Public address System, "someone will yell out":

"Shut Yo Gayass Up"

If on officer looks into a shower, he's a:

If a officer searches a cell, he's a: "Fag sniffing Boxers/underwear/dirty draw's and all strips searches amounts to a claim that the officer is more interested in the size of the penis, or a naked anus.


Football players, or any Black Athlete uses bright hair colors because they are Gay, especially when the color is pink, from the perspective of the ignorance of the fight against Breast Cancer in women all over the world.

Skinny Jeans, or any display of non-traditional masculinity, is met with comments that range from:
"They are teaching our Youth to be gay, homo's, and soft" to,

"That's why we all fucked up now, ain't no more real men out there today", to,

"Somebody needs to Slap the Shit out this lil pussy ass".

"The Homosexuals are taking over the Black Lives Matter Movement and thats only white people dont respect us now".

I could go on with these 20 years worth, but I'll stop there to cover more territory here.


In unit Donner Section, Idiots who profess to be Active Gang members of EVERY Race, for over many years have Spit, tossed Water, Urin, Feces, and Dirty Condoms 5, 4, and 3 Tiers Down onto inmates that identify to some degree of LGBTQIA+ who are standing defenseless on the 1st tier, while in single person holding Cages.

Although, San Quentin is beginning the process of moving all Reception Conter inmates Out of Donner Section, NOBODY has cleaned or sterilized the Top of These cages, and the Spread of COVID-19 virus has exploded to over 1,000 inmates at San Quentin, and more than 90 officers.

The irony is that the very same fellow inmate oppressors of Gay inmates in the Reception Center, and on Condemned Row are infected and dying, I to was infected by COVID-19 virus, a much worthy friendly fire that brought an end to the Spitting and tossing bodily fluid of my LGBTQIA+ Fam.

It takes Demented Minds to mistreat fellow humans so horribly, oppressors, infectors, and spreaders of such a deadly thing.
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Demented Mind Album
From the Discovered Tapes 1993
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* Booo Hatred
* Black Gay Lives Matter
* Black Trans Lives Matter
* Black Gayte Keepers Lives Matter


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vessaLK Posted 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
I did the transcription for your post about the discriminatory acts that you and your fellow LGBTQIA+ friends are facing. I am so sorry that you are the victims of acts of such ignorance and unintelligence. I wish you a great recovery from COVID-19. As a gay person of color, I am completely disgusted by those bullies and I truly hope nothing but the best for you and your mates. I hope you have a great day!

Floyd Smith Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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