Sept. 3, 2020
by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Date: 8/18/2020 5:18:42 PM

Dear Secretary Inch
Good Morning! I woke up to your email on my tablet. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ronald Wayne Clark Jr, and I'm incarcerated at UCI in the P dorm death row housing. I've been incarcerated for over 30 years. I haven't always done the right thing, but with age, I'm evolving. And my sole goal is to advocate for prisoner's rights. I want to leave this world a better place. I want my life to have meant something.
You want to curb prison violence. I want to discuss this topic. See a lot of these inmates have no hope, they didn't have it on the street, and they definitely don't have it in here. Most have come into here, with no family support, so they've got no means in which to provide for their necessities, such as deodorant, shampoo, Q-tips, lotion stuff for which the DOC does not provide. So they can't afford that much less better food items off the canteen. And as you know the FDOC only has paying jobs for 1% of the inmate population. This division between the have and have not, results in the criminal going back to what he or she knows best, theft, strong arm robbery, intimidation, human trafficking of weaker inmates. Which either results in the weaker inmates submitting to the predators, or be coming violent and in some cases having to kill the predator. You see where I'm coming from? this hasn't effected me but I've talked to other inmates over the years and this has always been an issue that's come up.
The second issue is staff enjoys seeing fights. And at times they will try to insight fights, either out of revenge against a child molester, or an inmate in population because the inmate was a child molester. He had told the administration on several occasions please move. They refused and it resulted in violence and death of another inmate. All of which could and should have been resolved through a simple cell move. If the administration knows there's a problem it is their obligation and responsibility to take evasive action to cut it off and elevate the problem before it gets out of hand.
One of the problems I see is the FDOC is promoting staff who are not qualified. They're not a people person. And when your not a people person, you know what their quality of dealing with an inmate, who they look down on to begin with, is not in any way shape or form, going to be a productive outcome. Look at Warden Barry V. Reddish, this man has abused inmates under his care for decades. In February 2004 at a Florida State Prison FSP, he was the head classification officer, but some how the Warden bowed down to him, and he was running that prison abusing the rules. I set up a hunger strike that brought a lot of attention to the misuse of 33-601.820 Maximum Management, within one week of the hunger strike, I got over half the inmates released. Which was unequivocal evidence that he was misusing the rule, and was mentally abusing us in solitary confinement. We had no books, no magazines, news paper's we had nothing to read. Well in 2009 Mr Reddish shows up over here as the Warden. I wrote some stuff that I shouldn't have written. His staff was telling us that he has been pulled over on numerous occasions for DUI, and local law enforcement officer's instead of taking him to jail, would take him home. Not liking him, because of the abuse I suffered under him at FSP, I wrote about it sent him a copy and put it on the Internent. Well for this, I spent a year on disciplinary confinement for disciplinary reports that were lies, staff falsified and lied and on state documents. I got placed in strip cells on three different occasions, once in R-dorm where they stripped me, and turned the air conditioning up. I was 19 days into a hunger strike. So he tortured me, for my writings. They threw away all my mail for three months. An officer who liked what I was doing, told me, "Your mails not going out, if you want to mail something, give it to me tonight" And that's the only way I got it out. I got jumped on twice by staff in May of 2012. I've written about it over and over again. And Frank Smith gets killed by officers here a few months later. I'm lucky to be alive behind what I wrote. But my point is, you've still got him working for you. These are not the type of people, to lead these men and women into becoming honorable law abiding rule following correctional officer's.
In fact right here, our Col he implements rules that aren't in any other prison, they have penological objection other than making our lives a little more difficult. This type of stuff results in tempers flaring, and inmates will take that type of anger, and use it on another inmate. Because he's mad and frustrated with being picked at and toyed with by vindictive staff member's. I've had staff members tru to use inmates to jump on me. If this type of vindictive unprofessional conduct is taking place back here, then I know that some of your violent conflicts in population, is a result of staff. I know its hard to admit to the corruption in the FDOC, But we've had Secretary's resign, because they realized this place was beyond repair. Look I honestly believe your trying. And I hope by sharing this little bit of insight, that it'll help you. Talk to the inmates one on one outside the view and ear shots of the administration. Do surprise visits, and when you walk through each door, you tell them officer's, I better not hear Radio Check come across these radio's. That's how they alert staff your here. You need to see and experience the reality of this place, not the false facade they put on for you.
I'm pulling for you to have success, but your fighting an uphill battle, against a corrupt department that resist change at every level. Don't give up, with a little determination you can do. Please take care.
Sincerely Ronald W. Clark jr.#812974

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