Jan. 6, 2021
by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


December 21, 2020

Dear Representative Diane Hart
Greetings, I'm coming to you concerning the denial of recreation here in P Dorm death row housing. The administration is failing to give us the minimal 6 hours of recreation that's set out in 33-601. 30 section (7) (j). We're lucky to get 3 hours a week, much less the guaranteed 6 hours that we're supposed to be getting. And staff will not do make up recreation. See enclosed grievances where assistant warden Knox states that make ups are not required. Well, the minimum 6 hours is required in the wording of "shall ensure a
minimum of six hours a week. So if they have to come in on Saturday and Sunday to do their job, then that should be the requirement.
The problem lies with the admin Sgt., Sgt. Blue who's not good at managing his staff. He has assigned his recreation officers to pass out canteen and do other tasks that are not as important as out of cell time. Sgt. Blue will take all of his Admin officers and use them all on one side of the building, where only one or two of the rec yards are in use while the other side is completely shut down. You'll have 3 and 4 Sgts sitting on a bench talking, while the yards on the other side of the building aren't being used. It comes down to poor operational management. The Sgts and C.O.s should be divided up every morning, half to the south side, half to the north side. Wing staff can assist in pulling recreation and putting the inmates back up at the end of the rec period. This ways you have all 4 yards operating throughout the week guaranteeing that the inmates receive their minimum 6 hours of recreation. This building operated efficiently like this for 20 years. Sgt. Blue looked for easier ways to get around working, so he raised the limit from 28 inmates on a yard to over 50 inmates per yard, and instead of having all 4 yards operating at the same time, only one yard would be in operation. They also had benches installed, where staff could sit comfortably for 3 hours, and with 50 plus inmates on the yard, it was absolutely impossible to keep a visual of all the inmates that were out there. This is a prime example of poor management, where convenience took priority over the security of the death row recreation yard. And this convenience, is outweighing the need to ensure that we get our recreation.
staff is also refusing to make a protective management wing, for the inmates who can't participate in recreation due to their behavior of anything on the other inmates, and calling them names, etc. Which causes further tension on the wing. These inmates should be housed separately under 33-602--221 where they can go to rec together. For you've got inmates who haven't been out in decades, due to fear of getting jumped on as a result of their conduct back here.
We really need your help with these two issues. I thank you very much for your time and hopefully your help.


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