March 2, 2021

Free yourself by being honest

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


Free yourself by being honest
I need help

The coward is the one who is afraid to say, I need help. I am too far out on a limb that is about to break. People, it doesn't matter where you live ok from the community, town, or even the state. You have to change the wrong residents that are in your mind. IF you do that, you're not going to be a part of a gang, robbing, killing, hanging out with the wrong crowd, human trafficking, molesting, raping, hating the opposite race. Are being part of what we called radicalism, kidnapping, Domestic violence, keeping confusion on your job or in your neighborhoods, selling drugs, using drugs, prostituting, or stopping.
Some of you have been in jails and prison over for a number of these crimes. You're not tired? Before the year up some will be back in prison or jail or even dead. The other half has not been in a jail or prison but you are headed there or either death, you're not tired? There is 2021 a whole new year some of you are doing the same thing you was doing last year. You're not tired of yourself. Why not get help bro - so you can live a healthier life for your children or ma'am why not get help so you can live a healthier life for your children, family or even self.
It's time out when you turn on the news somebody is going to jail for homicide or some type of crime. Why not be part of the solution in your community. Instead of part of the problem bro or maam. You want a better community or better life change the wrong residents in your mind. The jail and prison population need to become least. The senseless deaths need to become to none. How we going to do this

Free yourself by being honest
I need help

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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