March 7, 2021


by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)



Congratulations Serena Williams on the Australia open. You play an outstanding game this week. Proud of you, gal

NFL, NBA etc. Two issues in sports for me

I understand some of the teams has star players. Nothing is not wrong with that until certain extent. But what happens when that main player gets injured. Them we want to give the rookie some playtime or 2nd stream et. Why can't share the platform with the star player?

Secondly why all players are not treated the same? Why do managers use only quantitative object criteria in the evaluation of some players? Why not all players and positions? I feel this cat fight happens in sports all the time. The manager has two players in the same position that both been playing that position for years. Well, one of the players is their favorite. He or she ends up getting a big raise. While the other guy plays just as hard and been there same amount of years. Is that fair? I would leave which most do, getting traded to another team. Managers, coaches and owners have to be careful with only using quantitative, objective criteria in the evaluation of certain players. Because it can go good or bad. When making decision, it has to be strategic. So everyone can have a good day.

I was reading my Devotional Day by Day a Daily praise offering by Gwen R. Shaw. I feel it was a word for every nation including America.

Title The Nations For Your Inheritance

Scripture Reading Psalm 2:1-8
Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

That is my truth to you. All you need to do in order to be mighty in the nations, is to "ask me".
But first, you need a vision and a device for the nations. Many of my children are very self centered. They have no burden nor concern, non love, non interest in the nations. They live their lives around themselves and their immediate families.
But if you will be my true followers, you will see your neighbor through my eyes and you will take pleasure in learning to know your generation, even though it is of another colour or creed.
I love the nations, I put the bounds around them. All the nations come from their forefather Noah (Genesis 10:32). And so, because Noah is your forefather also, you are related to all the nations. Abraham, who is your spiritual father, is the father of many nations. )Genesis 17.4,5. So you are related also to many nations by the Spirit. This is the day when no nations are far off. Anyone can be reached in a few hours. Every nation affects another nation. Something happening in the most remote nation will affect many lives in many nations in a few hours. Even small nations can shake kingdoms. Of Israel, Lebanon, Guyana, Nicaragua, Cuba, Vietnam etc. Lift up your eyes upon the nations. I want to bring them in before the dreadful day of the outpouring of my wrath meaning extreme displeasure and anger. Some of these small nations will cease to exist after the judgment of my wrath, as recorded in the Book (Holy Bible) of revelation. So go to them now. Pray for them now Father Jesus is our salvation. He is the God revealing light to the non-Jewish nations and the light of glory for your people Israel as members of the Body of Christ, we are asking you to give us the nations for inheritance and the ends of the earth for our own possession. All kings shall fall down before you all nations shall serve you. In the name of Jesus, we bring before you the nations and continents. We ask you to rebuke leaders for our sakes, so that we may live a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty. We pray that skillful and godly wisdom will enter the heart of all nations and continents' leaders and that knowledge shall be pleasant to them, that discretion will watch over them and that understanding will keep them and deliver them from the way of evil and from the evil man. We pray that the upright shall dwell in the government(s) that men and women of integrity, blameless and complete in your sight Father shall remain; but the wicked shall be cut off and the treacherous shall be rooted out. We pray that those in authority winnow the wicked from among the good and bring the threshing wheel over them to separate the chaff from the grain, for loving-kindness and mercy, truth, and faithfulness preserve those in authority and their offices are upheld by the people's loyalty. Father, we ask that you direct the decisions made by these leaders and that present leaders who are men and women of discernment, [unclear] standing and knowledge will remain in office so the stability of all nations and continents will long continue. We pray that the uncompromisingly righteous will be in authority in all nations and continents so the people can rejoice. Father, it is an abomination for leaders to commit wickedness. We pray that their offices be established and made secure by righteousness and that right and just lips are a delight to those in authority and that they love those who speak what is right. we pray and believe that the good news of the Gospel is published in this land. We thank you for laborers of the harvest to publish your word that Jesus is lord in all nations and continents. We thank you for raising up intercessors to pray for all nations and continents in Jesus name Amen. Ask me to give you the treasures of the nations. The nations are as the colors of the rainbow. Claim them as your own. Be adorned by the gemstone of the nations. You can have all that your heart desires. The mountains of Switzerland, the canals of Holland, the Great Wall of China, the deserts of the Sahara, the alabaster cities of America, the paddy-fields of Taiwan, the oil wells of Arabia, the sheepfolds of New Zealand, the coal mines of Wales, the castles of England, the fashion houses of France, the gemstone of India, the cattle ranches of Argentina and the gold of South Africa. It's all yours! Ask of me, and I will give you the uttermost parts of the earth for your possessions and you will truly have a reason to praise me.

People often think they will be free if they can get away from God. Yet inevitably, everyone serves somebody or something. Whether a human king, an organization or even one's own selfish desires. Just as a fish is not free when it leaves the water and a tree is not free when it leaves the soil, we are not free when


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