April 4, 2021

God Is Dead

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)


Millions upon millions of God's angels clustered the sky from horizon to
horizon and an equal number of Satan's angels facing each other off for what was
to the climatic battles of all battles, the Final Battle between God and Satan;
Between the so-called Good Versus Evil. Good in all of his Glory and Satan in all
of his Magnificent facing each other. As the battle of apocalypse rage on angels
from both sides were falling to earth like raindrops - as people scramble for safety.
The sun was blacked out - night and day were as one, thousands upon
thousands of angels were falling by the second - killing as many humans below.
This was truly the end and in the midst of Armageddon it happened, the absolute
unthinkable and impossible - Satan struck the final, fatal blow - as God began to
fall descending to earth - immediately all the warring angels froze and cease;
dumbfound in utter shock and disbelief - this could not be happening. The fall
of a God was beyond comprehension and an unbearable sight. Finally reaching
earth God lay ed mortally wounded and dying bleeding out of every orifice;
having fallen upon piles upon piles of dead bodies. None of the hundreds of
millions of God's people rushed to aid their fallen, dying God - even if they could
have helped - God's angels retreated and disappeared.
Among God's people there seems to be waves of relief of serene calmness
descending, around and upon God's people - un-spoken-ly thankful, that this age-
old war, from time immortal; a war that God never had a chance of winning was
over. As God drew his final breathe - all of God's people walked away in dead
silence with heads bowed and did not look back. From the very beginning of
mankind - billions upon billion of lives had been lost in this God's War of
good versus Evil. No longer would the hearts and minds of man be conflicted
and torn ed between God's Good and his Nemesis - Satan's Evil.
Soon even Satan's trumpeting mighty angels began to move away in
triumphant Finally only the enormous giant of giants - now God of all Gods. The
Great God, Lord Satan stood towering over his former enemy, the dead God of
of mankind. The Supreme God of all Gods spoke no words - as the multitudes
drew near bowing and then prostrating themselves crying out "Father, Lord God
Satan please have mercy, forgive us for serving the fallen, false God of mankind .
save us, Father Satan tell us what we must do to be saved, to serve you Father
God Satan?
" My children all is forgiven, if you'd be saved, if you'd prosperous - do evil,
doing wrong gets the job done every time and above all obey my one
The people all bowed were in tears of joy in their eyes crying out loudly
"Father God Satan, please gives us your One Commandment?"
The people all joyously elated, Thankful, dancing, singing, and jumping for
joy and crying saying "Finally, we have a real God who understands the Nature
of mankind and the Natural Order of things."
Almighty Lord God Satan looking down on all the millions upon millions of
dead: and living, opening up his wings blocking out the Sun ascending,
disappearing into the heavens.
Our merciful Father, Lord God Satan has instructed 'us' to do evil - but
that does not mean for you to prey upon the weak, young, or old. That was only
a pacifier to ease your conscious from the failed dogmas/teaching of your dead
God - because mankind has done evil most nearly all the time anyways - to
become super rich and powerful. Reality being there is no such thing or place as
evil; good or bad. That has merely been your perception of what is as is. I tell
you in the name of the Father, Lord God Satan, remember and obey the
Father's One Commandment: DO THAT WHICH WORKS
PLAINLY PUT: If It Works Do It.


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