April 21, 2021

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by Kelly Jones (author's profile)
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Dear Readers.......2/15/21
(March 7, 2021)


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Dear f,

Howdy! It's so good to hear from you again! I always enjoy your comments!

Yes, the first group of facts are awful. That sounds like a private prison corporation. So insane. Most, (not all), federal prisons are government run. Private prison corporations usually have contracts with various states. I looked on our music service, but couldn't find the group, BABA. That sucks. :) Also, most songs cost us $1.55 - it's such a rip off compared to what's in the Real World. I'm green with envy about you haveing Spotify!

I hope you enjoy your iPhone! I've been locked up so long that they didn't even have phones that took pictures when I was last out (or they certainly weren't common). I'll be in my 60s before I even see one. I have a huge crush on Joe Rogan - what a hunk!

I wonder if prisons will change also, I strongly suspect they'll use this lockdown to continue all the restrictive measures they've set up.

As for the grossly overweight CO and her nocturnal activities, I, coincidentally, have offered that same service both before, and during, the pandemic! I always try to lend a helping hand! (Just kidding...or am I?? <Wink>)

As I recall, it was a child's buttocks in that picture in Sally Field's memoir (possibly hers?). It was insane that they wrote that guy a "shot" for that.

As for my jail experience, there were about 8 years of hell that I went through before I even started this blog! And those years were the worst! I like your title, though.

I have both heard that Vicks works and that it doesn't. I tried it years ago + it was mainly a temporary cosmetic thing, but perhaps if I used it more often? I'm certainly willing to try again.

Much love to you + your family, and be sure and tell the Queen I said "hello!"



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Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post.

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