July 31, 2021

Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom 1 of 3

(How can Newsom allow this?)
This is a hard one to write because I really have respect for Lt. Luna.

In every meeting or conversation about our program bringing Gay affirming content to the CDCR Media Centers, LT. Luna always says the following to me, or to other attending staff, or the group."

"He's trying to change things over-night, it takes time, theres a process and people aren't ready for something like this, so He needs to slow down and be patient."

The irony here is that LT. Luna is the result of the process of change on 3 levels.

1. He's a Latin X correctional officer in California.
2. He's a Latin X lieutenant.
3. He's also, in portion, responsible for San Quentin's Media Center program.

At one time in California, all 3 of these things did not exist by way of complicit, implicit, racial bias.

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With all of the LGBTQIA+ advances in the State if California, which has been ground zero for a lot of change, that cost, peoples relationships, Marriages, Jobs, Family and Community abandonment, Fire and Bloodshed, Criminal records, Social and Medical hardships, and yes, Death, I don't believe it should've fallen to my generation to re-demand what so many others have already fought for.

Requiring Gay affirmative Prison Media Programs that serve Educational, Spiritual, Recreational, Historical, Mental Wellness, and simply a place for LGBTQIA+ identifying residents to land in California, at ZERO cost to the state is not an over-night situation, what has changed now, is that the people in authority who are being complicit are White, Black, Latinx, Christian, Jewish and at least one LGBTQIA+ egotistical polital hungry Jerk, who claims to be in the Governor Gavin Newsom circle.

It's these kinds of things that people and voters will look to during the Re-call Gavin Newsom Movement.

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LT. Luna, and all parties involved in not including Gay affirming Programs within CDCR Statewide, present as active supporters and associates with Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democratic Party in California.

To use advances in Transgender Prisoner Housing and Programs to serve as a false presentation to make it appear as if these advances include better programming for all LGBTQIA+ Prisoners is enough for me, and people like me to bring to the attention of my friends and family in free society, as they vote in the coming Re-call Governor Gavin Newsom version of the election.

I won't take this post down until it has been shared to the degree where Gay Lives Matter in California Prisons, and LT. Luna, and prison guards like him are changed out of authoritative positions where ?He becomes change for all inmates.


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