Sept. 12, 2021

Illusions Versus Realities

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)



Our realities are defined as those things necessary and essential to our existence and survival. There are two things must be accepted as a Premised, Self and Existence. SEX AND FOOD are primary needs.

Sex to perpetuate the species and food to sustain our lives. Good Health and Economical survival are encompassed in the First premise of Self...

Unquestionably, the vast majority of the things we possess and desire for our lives are illusions. Illusions in the sense that they aren't necessary for our survival.

Our lives will go the way of our illusion, if during a crisis we aren't able to distinguish/separate our illusions from our realities and pursue 'solely'; life preserving priorities. Our illusions in life are generally those things that make life pleasurable, life's difficulties, challenges and miseries more bearable and offers a psychological/physical escape from the day- to -day, hum drum drudgery of living.
We seek pleasure in the avoidance of pain; and seek to travel the path of least resistance. Many childishly seek our pleasurable illusions at all costs in avoidance of many-many harsh realities. and natural.

Sex, Drug, Alcohol excessive usage and even excess food consumption provides those pleasurable moments of illusion that make our lives more bearable.

Those who have attempted to deny life's many momentary pleasurable escape-ism illusions, have appear stoic, warped, bitter, deranged and angry. Life is inclusive not exclusive. our illusions are as much a part of our lives as our realities. IT IS OUR BALANCE. In fact our illusions are the founding blocks of our realities, defining what is by what isn't.

The path isn't to abstain from life's illusions, by denying what is usually pleasurable. If we know that the relaxing and pleasurable illusions that we seek are no more than a past time; taking a break; not truly necessary or essential, not detrimental; and we need not concern ourselves with the most certain, inevitable disappearance of our pleasurable illusion. In passing, it must be said that we pay far too much for the illusionary pleasure in life we seek.

Notwithstanding, the maximum of what is needed is merely an Intelligent, Mature Understanding of our Humanity; a Knowing that you can travel from your illusionary Pleasures to your sometimes Harsh Realities at will. It is an understanding no different than our required body functions.

Pleasurable illusions MUST be pursued in Fun; similar to the so-called American Dream(nightmare) of which is no more than the American ILLUSION.


We are all alienated from our authentic selves and true possibilities even from birth. No matter what cultural, social-economical class, ethnic group or nation we belong to. This basic myopia-vision prevents us from taking any unequivocal view of our insanity or the madness of others; our alienation goes to the very root-cause of our self-serving opulent and decadent society. Around us are all pseudo-events to feed the hypocrisy of our pseudo-innocence to which we have learned to identify with, adjusting with a false sense of consciousness, adapted to view these events as norms, true and real. We live in a moment of history where our evolutionary-technological advancements are so speed ed that we can only begin to see the present when it has become the faded past; hence, the remembering cries of "The Good Ole Days". Our realities are mostly engineered, orchestrated, 'so surreal' that it can only be seen in light of the exile truth, it's beauty seemingly a lie. Moreover, our lives appear either illusionary or nightmarish, reflecting either the illusion of grandeur or the pain and decay around and within us. We are all ill-grounded and not centered, superficially guided by our selfish-greed of our accomplishments and accumulation of 'things'.; by our ego, pride and need for instant gratification. We either fabricate honorable dealing and triumph in our songs, fables and folk lures, as we have so DISHONORABLY done in America's history books; or we have set forth unrealistic, puerile goals of supernatural feats, superstitions or magic as we have done in our umpteen religious dictum/tales of superheroes.

What is, is described in the light of what is not, already dim by the shadows of the past. At most events we are as bemused, confused creatures, more stranger to ourselves than to another. Even from an idea standpoint there is only a glimpse of our true selves. We are born in a world where alienation awaits, potential human being in an unnatural state. Our present destructive destiny has been achieved by our greed, selfishness, cruel and outrageous violence that we have so senselessly perpetrated upon each other. Nevertheless, the requirements of the presence - as depicted by the failures of the past are to provide a thorough introspection, and critical examination of our activities, failures and accomplishments. Unfortunately, we can only being to realize our alienated state, except from this dysfunctional beginning point. The recognition of our neurosis is the springboard of any serious contemplation on any aspects of our present inter-personal relationships. However, what is required is more than just a passionate outcry of outrageous humanity, rather an in-depth understanding of how our greed, fears and violence has alienated 'us' from our true selves. THUS FAR, we mus succeeded in understanding our alienation if we are to ever achieve our natural state and true possibilities.



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