April 16, 2022
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Wow unbelieveable, you were 21 at the time back in 1989 it was 2012, [?] I call qine (facts) of what your avoiding besides your real name (Stalker) once I said this you put as reply I.d. true... why are you being so shy?
Yeah I asked if your a pervert its like you say you tried to contact me when? what year? Which Unit was I on see you cunt answer these or like any question... if your being honest, why not tell me who are you? I asked for a full lengthed clothed puoto... see wally who was the 2nd lawyer, day was my 1st he came to my jail cell when I was at 1st in 1301 franklin, Harris County?
I told them even dous a our tape interview, which part was introduced w/o jury or anyone besdies the judge + Jane Crocuer present... She looked at me like someone who believed, see the events prior to me tying Wilma up She Stood at the one kitchen door throwing pieces of bricks at me. When I did finally get her tyied up she banged her head as she screamed at me... my intent was to find steal a document, see if you had any facts of what took place then you realize why after spending a Quarter on d/R never once having a execution filed... the jury would never sent me to deathrow, see the tape I made was never put as to evidence?
See Jan Crocker thought seeking my ex-wife to testify fooled her after she said while on the stand that "I qoute guy never laid a hand on me?" Jan was shocked as you are by me asking are you a pervert?
Here you say "thank you" part 1/2 pages, still not giving in on who you are? if I'm being honest? You tell me in your other replies you've kept up with my case for 30 yrs, you were 21 now 51 you say you've defended someone, who was your name then?In nan right? How much fact is with this story? See you assume things but there is no actual facts to them?
You seen when doing a Jpay[?] you vawe to give your true name not like with Btb[?] you qire[?] skyscraper or forever kato[?]... Now its true... my sentence wasnt commuted, I was given from the S.Ct a Reversal in the late 90's the courst got together + accessed that not doing a full Capital trial which Any[?] cost counties $$ they do what they made is "Punishment Phase trials" your assumed guilty... I avoided it and agreed to a plea deal
so this is why I asked questions you came to me after saying you've been following my life a case for 30 plus years forever kato[?]... the Conclusion was all you had to do was write me I have my full address: Guy S. Alexander #1996573
French Robertson Unit
12071 Fm 3522
Abilene Tx 79601
See I can be honest?
the jury wasnt ever allowed to hear my testimony I gave, marry bacon denied it?
Mary Bacon denied everything before anyone was allowed in the courtroom, she denied my two strikes on two J..s[?], one was a cade who was with Hpd, the other is a Catholic priest....
What you saw was what I was seeing in Read as Wilma started struggling + banging her head cussing me? the death penalty was never taken, Jan Crocker + Jon Jordan Both say if I appeal they'll seek the dp....?
to commute is to revoke (A sentence) which mine was death...
there is no statue on murder is there? Jan Koocker isnt a DA she was a state prosecutor, the da in my reversal also turned it over to the state prosecutor, see doug davis told me I won being they were an error + still are.... I still have pending appeals I even have 3 federal sealed documents, I plan doing myself a 2254 once they to [?] with the dp?
the jury came out ( [?] not enough evidence when both lawyers especially wally[?] heard as the forman came out announcing pont the judge [?] it? my goal is to let the jurors hear the tape! I have a copy of the tape too?
Jan Crocker was pregnant in another Capt. trial which the inmate was released on parole? Marlin Allen daughter was the inamte, he was parted in L[?] Tx, Alot was about Jan Crocker she was in his case personally which violated her, she was a defense lawyer but her licence was revoked? 59 I was 30 you were 21... why dont you tell me who you are?
I'm a subscriber to the TX observer I got in General Population in 2015? I was on the Wynne [?]? I was on write a prisoner.com
So you keep tabs on me thru Penpal sites but never wrote why? Why are you being mysterious?
No I had [?] a Harley Shirt, it was Buck, I was seeing a girl who lived in Katy, she had a Baby Boy named oscar who I baby sat for.... but one day she tripped in the middle of freeway she told me to get out.... so I waited wil she went to work, I stoke a U-haul I broke into her house stole all her property.... I pawned[?] her [?] microwave then burned the rest.... her name was [?] =)
Besides this why you write with time?
I've changed since then... I'm on size pen-pal sites now.... I work I still have friends when I left d/R I remained friend. With 3 over sea's[?]....
But here I have a stalker =) who is in the shadows why you afriad of revealing to me who you are... You say its your last... which we both know its not.... so come clean... I'm not going to make you... I dont have family... we all have a life...
I got a jpay[?] from eric he was only 2yrs old now 39, it was short but it brought tears, after decades, I was not allowed but I write even if he doesn't
So one day... I'll close, I'm on 6 penpal sites? one is email connect penpals.com
Write me if you dare? soon they will be giving us tablets....
Til next time...
Stay sane
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ForeverKato Posted 11 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 10 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite

The only reason I'm writing this is to let you know I read all your replies... however, I have told you everything I intended to. You are obsessed with my identity as if you know me or I have "stalked you". Nothing could be further from the truth. At the time of your trial I was a college student interested in attending law school and decided to goto the court house and watch trials. I happened to find yours. That's it. I haven't tried to contact you except once a few years ago when I saw you on a pen pal site. I have no memory of what it was and to my knowledge you never replied. I happened to look you up again this year and saw this site so I wrote you again.

Now, I am really not trying to be mean or argumentative, but I read your account of what happened and not only does most of it directly contradict the facts I vividly remember but it contradicted the confession you signed. Additionally, in one of your appellate decisions, the court summarized the facts of your case. This is public. Anyone can see it. You are suggesting that Wilma banged her head to death? That is simply absurd. There were brick shaped gash wounds in her head revealed in the autopsy. Massive, massive amounts of blood. Your crime was BRUTAL. I'm sorry but those are the facts and no statement you gave would have changed that. You could have testified at trial but didn't. Even your own lawyer Doug in the penalty phase told the jury "You made the right decision in the first phase. He did it." Your sentence being reversed and taken off death row had nothing to do with your innocence. It had to do with the Court not allowing certain past evidence in the penalty phase where the state had to prove "continuing threat to society" to win a death penalty. Never ever has your guilt in the crime been an issue.

Anyway, I wrote you simply to see how your life has been the last 3 decades. You chose to make it all about sex. I'm not trying to be mean to you or argue with you or do anything to make your life more difficult. I can acknowledge my mistake...I should not have written you.

In closing I am happy your son sent you a jpay and hopefully you can have a relationship with him. Everyone deserves to know their father and I hope there is something there for both of you.

Best of luck to you, Guy.

Take care

-Anonymous irrelevant human being

Guy S. Alexander Posted 10 months, 1 week ago.   Favorite
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Guy S. Alexander Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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