June 6, 2022

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by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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(April 16, 2022)


May 23, 2022 — Reply ID - RCRG
I’ve read ones that can’t get in contact with me, Jpay.com or look on Betweenthebars.org. You write me and send you another reply, but you constantly say I haven’t a way to contact you?
All society are video this anyone save reply ID RCRG, write him. Yes its a man I think. To me it sounds like a woman. She needs to pull up her panties?
I wonder why your wife divorce you… maybe you were “man” enough for you? Your obsessed with a man named Guy Stephen Alexander?
You say in a comment you have tried to contact me but I am on six pen-pal sites?
Yes I am Bi-sexual I was in love with a man? His name was Dani. He was a she… in the 80’s. They used to be called trans[?] or he/she’s
See I don’t have anything to hide as this stalker does? He over 2 tales me stories he was 21 then in 89… noco is 51[?]
I was tried in the 338th Ct in Harris County… him and his so called Gay[?] fiancé sat and observed a man after being sentenced to death for 30 plus years folllowed him? Stalking… it was 1989 til 2000 Y2K Game in[?], they had Worldwide Web, Tdcj.gov[?] is the site to contact me… my TDC#000948 then its #1996573
French Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene TX 79001
Guy Alexander#1996573
Here is places so easy to find and write me?
But forever hate or RCRG can’t find me[?]
They sentenced me hot a stalker[?] Who’d tell Me reveal who you are… Are you scared to talk to me link on a phone 866-806-7804 Texasprisonphone.com there is no way I can get your name, register a cell phone Ill check and see if its on the list I have but one. I call in Houston its by ex brother-in-law? Oh that’s right pull you panties up… you can even tell me and talk nasty to me? Pretty soon tdcj will be giving us Tablets. Won’t that be nice you can tell me nasty details… see I say this being it upsets the stalker huh…
98.1 the phantom… is a Heavy Metal Radio I Jam too… Are you scared “Stalker”
I also plan on buying myself a Swintech[?] typewriter… I’ve came into some $$ so Ill be able to write long detailed “NASTY” letter… So register the phone.
Are you scared? I might let you listen to the squishy sloshy crises it can induce you to have some naughty dreams… see I can say what is real (No Censorship) Betweenthebars.org don’t edit my replies.
Prison is real stalker… I’m Real too… A Real Wood… if you if you can’t comprehend then your not real…
Keep in mid all you say or talk about is irrelevant to me… I have life… I’m not shy… So anyone who likes naughty talk may write me I’m non-judge mental, I’m so open fuene[?] is no close sign… You want to call I can put 9 more on my list 866-806-7804 Register you phone drop me a Comment… @betweenthe bars.org
I don’t wenny[?] about parole its may may may Aunty[?] from now on


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