July 14, 2022

Captain Y Franco

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June 12, 2022

Captain Y. Franco

Happy June Pride '22, I'll be sending this blog post soon.

On May 27, Capt. Y. Franco said that before Associate Warden L. Bravo went out on leave, he did not tell her that our LGBTQIA+ group was authorized.

She then said the most homophobic comment ever:

"CDCR doesn't have LGBTQIA+ affirming programs, other than in the mental health program for transgenders. Perhaps you can pronounce as transgender and request mental health care services?"

I was so mortified all I could do was laugh. Then she said there is no funding, and she doesn't have the staff to run our group. So we will not have a group session since August 8, 2021.

She is a Latinix, female administrator, and a lot of people struggled to make her a reality. And now she demeans and disrespects another marginalized community? W.O.W.

1. The Sound Mind Group sent in a few articles for the SQ newspaper.
2. The doc, My Name is Pauli Murray, should play @SQTV on the 27th, fingers crossed.
3. And we also put up Brother Outsider doc about the life of Bayard Rustin with Da'Vent #10 music for play @ SQTV.

The filmmaker Kates, Nancy wants to do an interview with our group as we have so many questions about her and her film and, although Lt. S. Robinson told Nancy it's a go, our problem is Captain Y. Franco ended our group, which leaves the mainline inmates to steal our hard work. I'm sure they have no idea about the underhanded tactics, but it's all a very sad stain on CDCR for this five year stall. An attempt to end all outward expression of homosexuality and morph into all things transgender focus.

I'll VENT more before I end this blog post.

I believe our work has created a standard that the future is not ready for.

Soon, all condemned inmates will be allowed on the general population, no handcuffs, no more separations.

I'm looking forward to turning down offers that will seem more like... Well, I'll spend these last few months enjoying the freedom of how I choose to respond to disrespect, as my options will not include pronouncing as transgender and seeking mental health treatment for gender dysphoria.

My work here is done. Thank you, all of you, for your time, advice, encouragement, and work.

To D.S.Jules "Julia": We had a good run. The world needs more time to catch up to amazing people like you. I am so fortunate to have worked with ya. Your value cannot be measured. I will tell my daughter about you so she can have an example of what true friends look like in real time.

Love y'all


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