Aug. 16, 2022

Sound Mind Company

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


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Sound Mind Company
Returns to Condemned Row:

California's condemned row prison administrators made the bold decision to reinstate the Sound Mind Company, a fair cross section of the condemned inmate population, to create an inner prison televised stream of LGBTQI+ affirming music, movies, and ethnographic educational content for the engagement of all inmates through SQTV Media Center. Titled: Sound Mind Streamer.

The Sound Mind Streamer is a paradigm shift from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and private expression community either not having affirming programs and/or being forced by default into other programs on a "tolerated basis" or proselytizing agendas of conversions into groups that, by doctrine, exist antithetical to homosexual nature and culture.

"It doesn't take curage for you to be yourself. It does take being discouraged for you not to be your true self."

The program was written by condemned inmate Floyd Smith under a consulting collective of condemned youthful offenders with skill sets and experiences in computer programming, software and app development, social media, music production, and the digital arts.

Due to CDCR's outdated use of videotel digital HD2600X+ Industrial DVD players at San Quentin Media Center Institutional Television System, Netherlands based DJ Jules did the heavy lifting of reformatting all SMS content onto DVDs.

After a series of multiples and untimely setbacks, including the COVID-19 pandemic, an online production collective at Shadow Scribe Media developed a program titled New Media 3.0 to assist incarcerated innovative expressive, peer-to-peer creative works, which completed the SMS original design to use higher storage capacity discs with queer affirming and informative shorter videos that emulate online streaming service models.

☑ .Cured.doc
☑ My Name is Pauli Murray.doc
☑ Brother Outsider.doc
□ AIANDE Press+ —AfroQueerStudios—August 9th
□ Moonlight —movie—August 16th

While Institution Television Systems at SQ succumbs into minimal viewership with the ongoing statewide roll out of the GTL tablet program, the Sound Mind Company's efforts to submit Sound Mind Streamer as an LGBTQ free app on the GTL tablet is well overdue for consideration and approval.

Thanks and appreciation to:

Warden, Ron Broomfield
PTO, Lt. Sam Robinson
Community Resources Manger, Madeline Tenney
Associate Warden, Landon Bravo
SQ Media Center Television Specialist, Skylar Brown

Submitted by ______________________________________
Raynard Cummings, Sound Mind Company Secretary


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