Dec. 15, 2022

3 Poems

by William Irving (author's profile)


(for Ms. Carissa Rollins)

I am duly sworn to defending her stout!
She glitters!, even if you don't believe;
There's luster, even if you have some doubt
Love will always be Beautiful as Eve-
To-Adams compatible confers 1-champion -
Collaborates artist-to-masterpiece
Is prize! - Is it not?, blessed such companion-
Those in love, are sworn so duly at peace.
Hous!, she is such heartache rarely paining Carissa!, the Fantasy; Carissa
Beauty!, being Beautiful unpairing
The Woman; the Goddessest, Carissa!
In the eye of the beheld- thy ration!
Her gently, sterns support thy foundation -

10/18/22; 10:22 am Wm. Infing-El

William Irving. El #182906
Digital Mail Conte-Missouri-DOC
P.O. Box 25678
Tampa, Fl 33622-5678

What misfortune postpones us to such fate adorning the day
Where the gray cold, stiffens and strickens two entanglements
Misfortune infiltrates the weather disbefitting close being
Befalls mid-Missouri disblessing less merit enroute searf-laden one lone man fights residual of freezing for the warmth of 2-sum-1 postponed by nature's temporary divisioning
He treks and treds driven by existance. Welcome!


Realignment thee-to-thou beareth flame alit-

11/13/22; 12:32 pm Wm. Irving - EL

For Love As A Lover

Thy soul and heart!, shall spirit none high
To erect morales and principles tall;
To entrengthen this close-clad and blaze fire
Speech spoken to the point passed mum higher
Than unsaid- to take the curve in vast awe!-
In seek of one belove Sonnet - unflawed
As True Love and Lovers never retire.
I went unlink the years!, these chains that bind
Precise Heart, I've no reason to forsake-
"You can count on me!", even if dreary
To push and climb-fast-or-slows stout of mind
For Love!, is a Love from soul, keen aware.
The mountain is steep! - still I push when weary-

10/29/22; 8:04am Wm. Irving-El


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