May 27, 2023
by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)
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May 9, 2023

Dear Garbageband_Junkiel,

You're partly right. But they never followed me. I was parked in front of a booth. There was two cops. Sitting as one looked at me. I saw him reach for his radio. That's when I left.

I wasn't bale to get a small cup of ice water. So I went into the restroom.

So tell me: if you're witnessing all of this, why now are you writing?

Before you answer, let me tell you: TDCJ gave us tablets. I can email too. But you have to be on my contact list for me to write you back. Do this: go online to Send me a note.

See, I don't have family. I only have a couple of close friends. But you can send a return stamp, which is 51¢.

So you know it was a rookie trooper lamb? It was for what? He began asking me questions, right/ What was his rank?

If you're wanting to know questions, you'll have to email me. I had to hustle for a stamp to write you. Also send me a photo. You're able to upload it, right?

Do you know the whole story? After my arrest, where was I sent?

So tell me about your involvement. Are you the trooper lamb? I'm curious. I was written by a person like yourself. Said he was a lawyer who followed my case for the duration of my prison time. Are you? One day I'll be writing a book, not just on the crime but my life too. Tell me, Junkiel, why the curiosity about me? Write me through the or is this the last time you will hear from me?

I can tell you, I have changed my life. I am a born again person. I am part of UU. It's a ministry. I'll tell you how all this came about if you email me. If you want to know.

Til then!


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