Nov. 9, 2023

Hot takes on lukewarm news

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)


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Hot Takes on Lukewarm News: Flying Pigs, Crashing Planes, and an Unauthorized Peepee Edition
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(Here are some thoughts on 3 stories that were (semi)recently in the news:)
#1) Speeding Seattle Pig Kills College Student; Cops Recorded Saying Her Life Has "Limited Value".
Shortly after I posted last month about horrifically entitled cop drivers ("Porky Drives Poorly," Sept. 2023), the following story appeared in the news. A Seattle cop driving at 75 mph in a 25 mph zone crashed his pigmobile into a 23 year old college student. After she died, LEO turd Danny Auderer, vice president of the Seattle Police Officers' Guild, told the president of that same group, "He's going 50, that's not out of control, that's not reckless for a trained driver." Again, 50 mph would be DOUBLE the speed limit, and imagine if even a TRULY "trained driver," maybe a race car driver, tried to use that same excuse. They'd probably use it against him in trial as evidence of his recklessness! Anyway, this cop was going 75, not 50, so TRIPLE the speed limit, notwithstanding his GPS clocking him at 63 at impact, so perhaps he tapped his brakes before plowing into his victim. Copfficer Danny then added, "I don't think she was thrown 40 feet, either." (He's right: she actually flew 138 feet. Is the distance she was launched before her death important?) "She is dead. It's a regular person. Yeah, just write a check. $11,000. She was 26 anyway; she had limited value." He's chuckling as he says these things.
To be fair, Copfficer Danny now insists that his words were meant very differently from how they sounded, that he was actually mocking the insurance lawyers who litigate the values of lost lives. Perhaps he was, and I hope so; it's unpleasant to think that anyone could be as callous as he seems. Still, his overall reaction says a lot, from his laughter to the bits about him not believing she was launched "even just" 40 feet by the psychopathic public servant who rammed her at highway speed, plus his cringeworthy comment that double (or triple) the speed limit on a surface street near a school is somehow "not reckless" for a "trained" cop driver. See, this is exactly the kind of flippant, Fuck-the-Public mentality I referenced in that last post about reckless pigs killing people with their cars, and is is why sane and decent people hate cops. Oh, wait...maybe this next story is why people hate cops? Gosh...there are just so many good reasons...

#2) A-hole Cop Arrests 10-Year-Old Rogue Urinator
Some crime-fighter back east witnessed a 10 year old boy peeing behind his mother's car in a parking lot (thank god he was on the beat that day!), then arrested him for a juvenile delinquency charge. Why is this outrageous? First, because this kid was peeing AT HIS CAR, as many of us have done and will continue to do on occasion, and his mom was there so it's not like he was peeing ALL OVER her car...he was just standing next to it for a pit of privacy. This seems perfectly reasonable. Second...again, his mother was RIGHT THERE, so why does this bastard cop (ACAB) handcuff him and take him to jail? How on earth is THAT justified? Even if the cop had stuck a stick up his ass (or is it more properly called a "baton up the ass" when referring to cops?) that he absolutely just had to nail this preadolescent peepee perpetrator, why not just warn him sternly then let his mother deal with it? Even a ticket; sure, if you must, but to ARREST him, to chain and cage him? To destroy the sense of safety a kid relies on when with his parents? What a dick move - pure porcine perversity. Of COURSE people hate cops - what the hell is wrong with these assholes? Who broke then so that they revel in breaking others?

#3? Politician (Inadvertently) Almost Tells Truth About 9-11
Here's a take sure to rub some the wrong way. Madison Cawthorn - the conservative ex-congressman who looks like a 1950's paperboy - posted a 9/11 tweet to the effect of, "Rip to the 2996 Americans killed on Sept. 11, 2001; also RIP to the 1,455,000 innocent Muslims who died in the U.S. invasion for something they didn't do." Predictably, he was slammed for the sentiment. Here's the thing: I'm no fan of Mr. Cawthorn, and I strongly suspect his comment was an allusion to a conspiracy theory about the U.S. Government itself carrying out the attacks, which I'm quite sure is bogus. However, maybe he's not so far off the truth here, and it's nice to see a politician come even this close to saying what needs to be said. No, the U.S. Gubmint did not directly bring down the towers, nor was it part of some nefarious plot to do so, but it IS fundamentally responsible for what those 19 radical, desperate, outraged hijackers did that dad. The crashing of planes into carefully chosen targets of national significance was a response to all the destruction and dead children our country caused in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, after Bush the Elder's adventures there. The American deaths on 9/11 were unquestionable tragedies, but most of the lives lost were not entirely "innocent." After all, how many Americans over age 16 or 17 can seriously claim "innocence" when the vast majority of us choose to adopt a "see no evil/hear no evil" posture toward the extraordinary suffering our government inflicts all around the world in order to ensure the dominance which protects our comfortable, cloistered lives of conspicuous consumption? Our abysmal arrogance and shamefully willful ignorance about the grim and grisly costs of our national economic superiority precludes most claims of "innocence" when victims of our country's military incursions try to strike back, as they did on 9/11/2001. Mr. Cawthorn's acknowledgement of America's retaliatory murder of so many genuinely innocent Muslims (innumerable children, for example) was at least a step toward something like accountability, misguided though it almost certainly was.
(Incidentally, can we reconsider our national obsession with calling those hijackers "cowards"? Think what you will about their motives and methods, but ask yourself this: Have you ever believed in a cause so strongly that you were willing to literally incinerate yourself for it? That doesn't sound cowardly to me at all, but quite the opposite.)


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