April 13, 2024

Stop The Senicide!

by Robert Outman (author's profile)
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31 March 2024

Hello! Greg,

What an absolute delight to receive your Gregbeams in Friday night's mail, 29 March, going directly to my heart.

I'm so happy to read you're in a good marriage with a bunch of grandchildren to spoil. I know your father would be happy and proud of you, also.

Sorry to read you're not in the best of health and trust you are doing every thing to restore your vitality. Diabetes can be brutal but also with good self-discipline it can be controlled. Of course I don't know your other conditions and don't want to come off as diminishing the gravity of your burden.

Nevertheless I'm so heartfelt that you would take the time to think of your old uncle. There have been many times I've thought about you and wondered how you're doing. There's something interesting how a certain person so long away by time and distance can meander through the labyrinths of our mind never being forgotten. I'd love to know more of your hap's you can write me directly at the above address.

As to my existence and circumstances Justice is not as advertised and far from perfect where the treasure of life is a commodity value. My blogs/essays are all fact based speaking to a reality few people want to know.

Alrighty then, thanks for shining some beams of love into your old uncle's existence.


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