May 16, 2011


by Glenn A.J. Hughes (author's profile)


So, how many people reading this have been to prison? If you have never been, then it is something I never hope you have to. Besides for the violence, drugs, and racial politics. It is also very lonely. No matter how many people/inmates surround you, your lonely in heart and mind. You are secluded from the world outside of here. It is emotionally stressing. When mail is passed out, you wait at your door watching all the other inmates get a letter, a greeting card, or money in the mail, while the officers walk right past you. Your spirits just drop for a couple hours. It is a daily routine, a daily disappointment. But what can you do? Nothing! Try to keep yourself positive. Thats about it. I understand that alot of people out there only think the worst about a convicted felon. But let me just say. We are, not all, but myself and im sure others are sorry for our crimes. Regret the crimes commited, no matter how small or how big it is. I know Im very apologetic and only want to do right. If i could live a normal life away from here. I know I will be happy. I know I am ready for a change.
Prison is a small world within itself. You still have drugs, violence, and a type of politics. No one really knows, unless you have been in the crazy world we have to endure. The politics is about your race. When you come to prison, whatever your race is, is who you run with. You cant just choose. And just cant say, Im running with yourself or you dont want to follow any race. It will make open season for assaults and extortion, and whatever people want to do to you. When you go with your race, you are protected from other races doing anything to you. Unless you are found to have a personal problem. Then you must get permission and handle your problem. If you are found to have told/snitched on another person for any reason, it is an automatic (green light) on your life! Shit, that goes on in prison is crazy. It is not an enviroment you want to live in. That is just the tip of the iceburg. All I know is that "Its time for a change." LOL! Your try to make the best of your stay here. Complete any and all classes that are offered to you. Educate yourself through books. I try to equally read as mucg as I watch my television.We only get 15 channels to watch. Some local a few cable, TNT, TBS, BET, ESPN 1&2, Spike, USA, Discovery, and your local ones. I do have my shows I have to watch! LOL I love a good movie as well. I have been trying to figure outwhat i am going to do, when I get released. I get out mid 2014. And I have a year parole. Then I am totally FREE. I had an offer from my sister to move to Illinois. I have never even beenpast New Mexico. I've lived here in Arizona all my life. I do want to move out of here. Have a whole new fresh start. I'd like to meet more people and correspond with people in the mid states to the East Coast. I have never had that. I really enjoy meeting new people and learning about other stuff. I dont discriminate against race, sexual preference, or any of that stuff. I am a kind hearted gentle person. I have respect for eneryone. I actually really enjoying hanging out with G-BI-L-T. They are wonderful people. I was in the mood to write. I dont have anyone to write right now. So, I just started to write whatever came to my head. It is all true, and if anyone is interested in hearing more about prison or myself, you can either leave me a comment or write me directly. Let me know! Everyone take care of yourselves, and I would love peoples input, or opinions.

Andrew J.H.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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