April 24, 2011
by Glenn A.J. Hughes (author's profile)


This is my first blog ever. I can honestly say that I don't really know what a blog is, but, if I can talk about almost anything, I'm in! Lol! I would like to make my first blog post be a better introduction about myself.

My name is Andrew and I have grown up in the general Phoenix area. I'm 29, going on 30 in May. As you may know, I am in prison right now. I have been since 2007. My earliest release is in 2014. I'm not happy with myself for the crimes I have committed and I regret it all. All's I can do is apologize to the ones I hurt. I am in prison for identity theft. I don't dwell on the past. I just look to the future in hopes of being a model citizen and having a normal life.

I have many ideas about what I want to do when I get released. I just need to make a plan. In that aspect, I have to admit I need help. I have never had my own place. I'm a bit afraid to ask people for help because I don't want to disappoint. I have been in this state my entire life, and I know I need to leave it. The crazy thing about me is I enjoy helping others. If I can do stuff for people, run errands, and just help in whatever is needed, I can do it. But I can't seem to do it for myself. I try to please others to make me happy. It's very odd!

I am good at things I do. To me, it is just common sense. I am a very kind and polite person. I am not very religious, but if I had to choose, I'd be a Buddhist. I believe in compassion. I don't like harm to come to anyone. Music is a passion of mine. I love all types: rock, rap, country, metal, alternative, R & B, and oldies. Music is like emotion. It brings it out in everyone.

I have two tattoo sleeves. I like them a lot. My favorite shape is a star. LoL! is that even a shape? J/K!

Well, this is a bit about myself. Any questions? Please look forward to more writings from me. Anything people would like to know? Please ask!

Advice to All:
Bullying is a rising struggle in today's communities. It doesn't mater where you live or how much money people have. It happens all over the country, and not just for one thing. Our children of today need to learn there is more to life than judging others, bad enough to pick on them or bully them.

I know firsthand about bullying. When I was a child, I too was bullied for how I dressed, for the way I acted, for things that I did that I had no control over. It's just not right. Look where I sit today. In a prison cell, looking back on things that reflected my life onto this path. I am not blaming my past. I blame myself. But parts of my life were due to the bullying.

There are many kids out there today that others look at and think they are different for whatever reason. The way they dress, for being a homosexual, their race, what type of grades they get—it needs to stop. You don't have to be friends. We all know that. But you don't have to bully or pick on them either. We are all human and, even though it does not show on the outside, we are all alike inside. We all have feelings. It doesn't matter who you are.

For the ones out there being bullied, always remember to be yourself. Don't let people influence you to try to be something you're not. You are perfect being you. I made that mistake and look how I turned out. I'm still an all-loving person but, for a big part of my life, I felt I needed to impress people. It was a way to not be picked on, beat up, and bullied. So I acted like the bully. I stole to look cool. It's not the answer.

I just want to say to all you kids out there—the ones doing the bullying and the ones being bullied—stop the hate. It is senseless. There is no one to impress. Be who you are, not who others want you to be. And with that, share a kind hello when you pass a stranger who looks different from you. Give a kind smile. That in itself will make you and others feel better about themselves and you!

Thank you!


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