June 11, 2011

To All the People That Took the Time to Show Interest

by Justin Davis



To all the people who take the time to show interest in anything that I had to say, I thank you and greatly appreciate you. Today, I woke up with a nice amount of admiration for life, just feeling thankful that the situation that I am currently in is only temporary. Because in this place, I surround myself with a lot of great men who made simple mistakes that altered the rest of their lives.

I hope anybody that reads this who knows a good man behind bars takes this as encouragement to pick up a pen and write him a letter, or get in their car and go visit them. Because they need it.

In this life, you have good people and you have bad people. Then you have us, the good people who made a bad decision once or twice that has to be condemned for it for the rest of their lives. We're only human, so why should we be alienated for a mistake?

I am not justifying murder, but what about the men who committed homicide to protect their family and their own lives? Which I think any sensible person would commit if they were put in that predicament. Our government commits murder and does what's necessary to any extent for our safety, so what's the difference?

Every situation that leads to homicide doesn't leave time for someone to call the police and wait for them to come commit murder themselves. And if you're put in a situation where it's your life or the next person's life, then human nature will always engage in self preservation.

I just want people to know that life is not easy on the inside, especially when you're being judged by a society that would do the same thing or something similar if put in that same position.

Life is a beautiful thing, and I hope the people who are blessed to enjoy it are appreciative of it because everyone doesn't get that opportunity.

Shout out to Lebron James and the Miami Heat for taking it all the way last night over Dallas. And respect to all the beautiful women of the world who respect themselves and others around them. Strength to all the men in the world who're forced to endure conflict and adversity at this time. Keep ya head up, and I'll catch you on the rebound.


Signin' off


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OneLuv<3 Posted 11 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 7 months ago   Favorite
"real talk" I enjoyed reading your blog! You have the right attitude even though you might not have had the same mind frame then well you do now. I'm not one to judge on anyones past so feel free to write back if you want. Thanks for taking time out of your day to listen to what I had to say!


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