Dec. 11, 2012


by Patrick Roehr (author's profile)



Yeah! It's over for another four years. Four more years of Republicans cockblocking the President. 200 year theocratic plutocracy is perpetuated. Far be it from me to deny the theory behind socialized programs and taxing the rich to put them in their place. Fuck anyone who calls me a commie or socialist, but what works, works. Washington wouldn't work with a black guy, but it's worse an idea to work with a Mormon? That's funny. Why is there only two parties allowed to do anything anyway? It doesn't matter either way. There hasn't been a good president since FDR anyway. Well, voters, you get what you pay for. Good luck with this extension that you cried about possibly getting. Best of limited options, I suppose.

Yes we can!


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skroehr Posted 7 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Hi Patrick!
Good to see you back. As for President Obummer, I'm not convinced you'd be of a same mind about him, or the system he is establishing out here, if you were on the outside. Life has become more and more difficult since 1988 to be honest. We've had three clunkers in a row, and all of them got 2 terms, so things are pretty bad. That's 24 years of our country progressively going down the tubes. In Nevada anyway, nobody had a job, and those who do are either doctors, or burger flippers. We don't have a middle ground. Minimum wage, or rich. That's all the socialist system allows. There is no middle. Be that as it may, I tend to agree with you on the two party system being outdated, and that the option presented to the public are limited indeed. So...peace. Miss you,

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