Dec. 16, 2012


by John F. Coburn (author's profile)


John F. Coburn

All things come alike to all. There is one event to the righteous and to the wicked; For man also knoweth not his time. As the fishes that are taken in an evil net and as the birds that are caught in the snare. So are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them. Ecclesiastes 9:2, 12.

The Bible uses the word suddenly forty one times to describe an occurrence of events or circumstances and their impact upon a person or person(s) life. The word suddenly means to act instantly, quickly, unexpectedly or promptly.

We all have had suddenly's in our life. Suddenly, life takes a turn for the worst. Things could be going smoothly and everything's working according to the way we expect them. Suddenly, you find out your wife is having an affair, your son is selling drugs and your bank is filing for bankruptcy, Or suddenly your daughter is pregnant, your company is collapsing, your best friend is gay and the doctor informed you that you have cancer.

How do we deal with the crises, calamities and unexpected events life brings upon us? Turn our focus to God. There's a sudden event that occurred in King David's life that caused doubt, fear, despair and weariness. When David killed the giant Goliath, he didn't know that this great victory would cause a down spiral in his life. David was blessed with great honor, pats on the back and favor flourished all around him. He was well respected by the captain and men of the army of Israel. He ate at the King's table and had free entrance in and out of the palace. The women of Israel even made a song in honor of him. They said, "Saul slew his thousands and David his ten thousands".

Suddenly, things changed, King Saul wanted David dead. Suddenly, David no longer enjoyed the privilege of coming in and out of the palace at will. Suddenly, instead of running with the King, David was running from the King. Suddenly, he found himself hiding in caves and in the enemy land experiencing hunger, loneliness and pain. Suddenly, David felt rejected, betrayed and hunted down like a beast. Yet, God had a plan.

Suddenly, those that were seeking David's life was dead. Things began to change, David began to smile. Light began to shine upon his darkness, hope beamed in his eyes. Suddenly, God raised him up. Courage and confidence flowed through his words. Now, what seemed insurmountable and never ending became conquerable. The promise of him becoming future King of Israel looked brighter.

In our most darkest moments of life God is working things out on our behalf. God sees the beginning and ending of a thing before it occurs. Those suddenly events that come upon us to shake our world and life are only temporarily. The things that is meant to break us, crush us or cause us to lose hope can only make us stronger and victorious if we cling to the mighty hand of God. Then suddenly, what seemed like a break down turns out to be our breakthrough.


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